Saturn Square Neptune (reality vs the dream) | Venus Square Pluto (love vs power)

jealousy by heatherz

Saturn squares Neptune and Venus squares Pluto today. We're still in the middle of Eclipse season. Mercury is still retrograde. Whew!

Venus square Pluto feels like jealousy (or suspicion) or some kind of manipulation to attract/get what we want. Maybe it's lusting after money or power or someone or maybe it's love and sex feeling like two different planets. Maybe something is shameful or maybe there is obsession. Maybe something is not as pretty as it seems. The shadow of our relationships can rear its head here. Can we be powerful and still be loved? Can we love and hold onto our power? Expectations within relationships could be too high now.

With Jupiter in Libra our relationships will be very much our focus over the next year - we'll be seeking connection and belonging, figuring out how we all fit together and creating a whole new world. We need to trust that whatever happens next we can handle it to let go of the need to manipulate our relationships, other people and ourselves. We need to trust. The fall out from games played will not be worth the results we get or like the bumper sticker says, "Karma is a bitch".

Saturn square Neptune (reality vs the dream) - we have been working with this aspect since last November. It's THE transit of 2016 and today is the last and final exact connection. After today it starts to separate. I don't think we'll miss it! Some issue that has been shifting on us since last year is culminating or breaking through the surface here. Maybe we've let go of some dream and come down to earth. Maybe we've decided to actually work to make some dream a reality. Whatever we do will be the correct way forward here (and other roads may be blocked now anyway).

Saturn/Neptune has been shaking up the outer world by waking everyone up. Here's to hoping this one allows us to all sleep in ..... :)

Our Capricorn Moon will be void almost all Monday (working hours) so we will get a lot done, but it's not a good time to start anything new - just a heads up! xo all

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