Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of September 5th - in between eclipses

seed by laura makabresku

This is another big week!

We are in the middle of Eclipse season and Mercury is retrograde. We've got our Sun trining (brakes off) Pluto (in Capricorn), Jupiter making his move (after about 13 months in Virgo) into Libra (YAY) and the FINAL exact Saturn/Neptune square that we have been dealing with since the end of November 2015.

Let's break this down - 1. we had a Solar eclipse (New Moon) last week in Virgo and we have a Lunar eclipse (Full Moon) in Pisces next week. A little background - from our perspective here on Earth, the Earth is going around the Sun once a year and the Moon is going around the Earth once a month. If you can imagine the earth revolving around the Sun at the same time the Moon is revolving around the Earth - there will be a point during their travels that they will intersect in a line (and this line/plane is what astrologers are talking about when we talk about the Moon's Nodes - North and South Node). Now usually when they meet up, the Moon will be either higher or lower than the Earth and the Sun and we get a regular New Moon or a regular Full Moon. But sometimes, usually twice a year the New Moon and Full Moon are close enough to the North Node or the South Node (the plane where everything is intersecting) and either the Sun (Solar Eclipse/New Moon) is blocked, partially or fully, or the Moon is (Lunar eclipse, Full Moon). I hope this makes sense - not that's it's something you need to know, but it might help to picture this in your head.

So because last week's New Moon was in the plane/line of the North Node and because the effects of a Solar Eclipse can be felt for the next 6 months - this will bring changes, as a collective and individually, with Virgo things. Most people will have some changes in their lives from this energy - maybe move into a new line of work, take better care of their health, master the tiny details of their lives, get a new pet or have a change of relationship with an existing pet, get on a better day to day schedule, start something new that serves other people, etc and the area of life that houses Virgo is your natal (and progressed chart) will experience changes and fresh starts, too. Often with eclipses fresh starts begin with something else being eclipsed out. They can change our course and get us back on 'chart'. If we don't have major things happen with this energy this is probably not an area of life we need to make a major change right now to stay on course with our life purpose (remember eclipses are all about the Nodes of fate), but we will always be impacted by other people who are affected - we are all in this together! I sometimes have eclipse situations hit me one month to the day after the eclipse.

Next week's Lunar Eclipse will be about releasing Piscean themes, so this week, sitting in between two major energetic shifts can leave many people feeling off-balance and over-loaded. Others will be chomping at the bit for something else.

2. Mercury is moving backward through, you guessed it, Virgo. Mercury retrograde is about looking backward - what can we release? what are we re-thinking? what did we miss? what needs to re-done? who or what is back?  This is about those same Virgo themes and the area of life ruled by our Virgo natal (and progressed house) - so something has to be re-done or re-looked at here before we can move forward.

This is the time to be re-leasing, re-doing, re-thinking.

We spend about a third of the year with Mercury retrograde or in shadow, so it is natural to spend a third of our life "re-making" - isn't that interesting for all of us always trying to plow ahead and getting nowhere?! If we really did the re-thinking and most especially the 're-leasing' (think - new lease on life) our life would be much smoother. I've lived through how many Mercury retrogrades and am still like those awful gun bumper stickers and need things pried from my cold, dead fingers. Ack!

3. The Sun (in Virgo, and yes, I'm tired of typing Virgo week after week - ha!) trines Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn). This is exact on Wednesday. This is a good day for dealing with authority figures, your elders and people in power. This transit can give us more power over our own life. This is good energy for stepping into a new position now with more power or responsibility. If we are trying to avoid something with a person in power, the trine could release whatever brakes we have keeping the situation from evolving/resolving. Something karmic (Pluto) may come to light (Sun).

Pluto (slow and deepest transformation) has been moving through Capricorn since 2008. Sun Capricorns and risings very identities are being evolved. The Pluto generation born 1971-1984 with Pluto in Libra have had Pluto squaring their natal Pluto. It is pretty exact right now for people born in 1978. This is the generation (1971-1984) charged with transforming relationship (and our relationship to what is beautiful and the karmic lesson of it being ok to be flawed). This is about the karmic misuse of power within relationships. It started with their birth families, then through all their personal relationships and particularly their partnerships they are learning the ways they use power instead of love. They probably need to be overpowered and to overpower to transform this.

Venus is going to square Pluto next week and then Jupiter will square Pluto in November - people dealing with these issues will feel the pressure in their relationships. This will also affect all of us through Capricorn (business, banking, power structures) as foundations get rocked and lots of hidden stuff gets unleashed (the Pluto in us is not afraid of the dark) we'll talk about this next week.

4. On Friday, September 9th Jupiter moves into Libra. This one is big and it will be about connection and cooperation and balance! I'll do a post this week and we'll look at this transit through the houses.

5. On Saturday, September 10th, we have the FINAL exact square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. What have we learned since last November about our dreams vs reality? about what we really believe? about how we relate to what is foreign? what fantasy are we separating from reality? The last two exact squares saw the Paris shooting and the Orlando shooting (also Britain leaving the EU and the alligator attack - this stuff and whatever else was happening then, will probably all be back in the news, too) - hopefully we don't have any more violence with this transit or natural disasters. We'll see during this time period how this energy has evolved - limits overcome, dreams coming true or dissolved, feet more firmly planted in some area of life. Eyes wide open now. Rose colored glasses in the trash can. Last July we had a focus on what was real vs pie in the sky, now we can see more clearly where this way of thinking/being/doing has brought us. Maybe something is solidifying?

There are no void Moons during working hours this week. I'll post some dailies as we move through the week.

Monday - Wednesday's Scorpio Moon is a good time to focus on Scorpio themes - money, taxes, loans, power, life, death, reproduction, surgery, sex, maybe something 3rd party, good time to be cutting though the crap and seeing what can be eliminated. We might meet someone important on Monday or have a pattern made visible to us. If something partnership related ends on Thursday before Jupiter moves into Libra on Friday - know it's for the best, we'll just move on. If someone waffles on doing something now then I would assume it's not going to happen later. Don't worry. Jupiter in Libra (ruled by Venus) will offer us plenty of opportunities for connection, collaboration and yes, LOVE, in the year ahead!

xo all

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