FULL Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces | cry me a river ...

cry me a river by julie de waroquier

We have a BIG T-square Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces today.

It lays out like this - we have the Sun in Virgo at 24 degrees (we also have the North Node of our collective destiny in Virgo). We have the Moon in Pisces at 24 degrees - we have the Moon conjunct Chiron (the space of our wounding and the bridge between restriction and freedom, and maybe why new things are so often birthed by pain) in Pisces (and the South Node of what we are collectively releasing and leaving behind also in Pisces). We have all of this squaring Mars (in Sagittarius and also the space where Saturn is still hanging out). I'll put all of this into english, too, I promise. :)

Full Moons bring energy to a "peak"; to a culmination, maybe to an ending. Eclipses eclipse something out; we get re-set. If you have planets or points near or on 24 degrees Pisces or Virgo your life will be very, very different in 6 months (lunar eclipses play out over 6 months). For everyone else this eclipse is bringing something to a peak, culmination or an ending. It will be complex and we will probably be asked to be compassionate toward ourselves and other people. Emotions will be running high now.

With Chiron sitting with the Moon this is probably going to hurt a bit .... and instead of turning away from what hurts - it is the time to let our defenses down and feel it. We don't have to understand or figure things out. Pisces dissolves. Pisces feels. Pisces is a water sign and heals through wetness - blood, sweat and tears (I would avoid the blood though if possible). If we want/need to cry, and even if it turns into one of those big old ugly cries that has our eyes all scrunched up two days later and people looking at us funny, it's time to cry. You will probably not need me to tell you this though .....

There could be losses, accidents - things beyond our control. Or maybe the controls are still in our hands, maybe we can still steer the ship away from the rocks, maybe .....

Old patterns and ways of thinking and being are very seductive. Our physical body craves, not what is good for us, not what it actually needs - but what is familiar (see the work of Candace Pert and others). 

Whatever fantasy crap is standing in the way of our growth (and the collective's growth) needs a swift kick in the ass now. 

We'll try to remember we need this when we are being kicked in the ass.

(and I'm not talking martyrdom - that crap is part of the Piscean fantasy and the way we keep ourselves separate from others - it needs to go, too)

This Moon culminates the New Moon from two weeks ago, the Pisces New Moon from March 8th and reaches forward from the Eclipse cycle we've worked with since spring 2015. Lots of things are impacted here because one thing brings us to the next and where things start and end aren't really where they start and end. Look at the ultimate beginning "thing" - a baby. The baby doesn't start when she is born, she doesn't even really start when she is conceived - she is set into motion long before that. We can see that right?

If we've been toughing something out and carrying some load that is bending our back into a pretzel - this would be a good time to set it down long enough for us to feel for a moment what we could feel like without it - who we would be without it - what the world might look like if we are standing up straight.

If the tears now make everything a big black, mascara-y blur - we will narrow our focus (Virgo) and remember that every ending, even one that is fated like an eclipse ending, always ALWAYS carries the seeds of a new beginning and the best thing about our Virgo North Node is that a fated beginning will come from doing the next step thing, the thing that is already right there in front of us.

There is a leap of faith here to release the past.

With slippery Pisces the results this Full Moon brings could be unpredictable. We think we are getting X and we really get Y. Our energy could flow here and there and much of it could be wasted (especially with Mercury still retrograde). If something leaves now though, there is no stopping it.

Since this is a Lunar Eclipse a woman might leave or bring news of a change of direction or ending.

As always get out and walk in the Full Moon energy - if you can walk near water or be in water (yes, a bathtub totally counts here), even better!

Now a quick look through the signs (Sun and rising). 

If you know your Virgo house for the solar Eclipse (two weeks ago) and your Pisces house for the Lunar eclipse (today), use the houses (number in parenthesis) for best accuracy!

ARIES (Virgo in the 6th) the New Moon Solar Eclipse two weeks ago was about your health and your vitality, maybe some change in your day to day situation or day to day functioning or an issue with a pet, co-worker or employee - the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Pisces in the 12th) today is about this being "time to go", maybe a move or relocation? events could show you how you sabotage yourself

TAURUS (Virgo in the 5th) the New Moon two weeks ago was about peaks, endings and culminations with creative projects and how you show up creatively, could be changes or endings with a romantic partner or with children - the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Pisces in the 11th) today is about changes, endings and culminations with friends and groups and your emotions around them or some adjustment around that 'big dream' you carry for yourself

GEMINI (Virgo in the 4th) the New Moon Solar Eclipse two weeks ago brought changes in your home and family, maybe a physical move or family member left or moved in, maybe some kind of trauma at home, something you needed to just 'deal with'. This could also be something about your mother or your belief about your mother. - the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Pisces in the 10th) today is about your career and reputation in the world, whatever peaks, culminates or ends within this space is meant to go now, so something new can be built. This could also be something about your father or your belief about your father.

CANCER (Virgo in the 3rd) the New Moon Solar Eclipse two weeks ago was about changes in your mental thinking, your attitude, your communication, maybe a peak, culmination or ending with a sibling, neighbor or within your neighborhood - the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Pisces in the 9th) today is about deeper emotional insight and truth or maybe a peak, ending or culmination or the release of a belief related to education or travel or a wedding or someone or something from or at a distance.

LEO (Virgo in the 2nd) the New Moon Solar Eclipse two weeks ago could have brought possible losses of money, maybe a check didn't show up or you didn't get your money's worth somehow - the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Pisces in the 8th) today is about a financial loss of some kind or inheritance debt, some kind of debt or tax coming due? something impacting 'other people's money', maybe a change regarding your spouse's income. This could also be about sex or reproduction; a peak, ending or culmination

VIRGO (Virgo in the 1st) the New Moon Solar Eclipse two weeks ago will impact your entire life for the next 6 months - big changes ahead, release and let go of whatever is not needed - the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Pisces in the 7th) today is about a possible rude awakening with a relationship, maybe someone leaves or some karmic connection/debt releases - some peak, ending or culmination regarding a partnership

LIBRA (Virgo in the 12th) the New Moon Solar Eclipse two weeks ago released a karmic debt - the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Pisces in the 6th) today is about self reflection (try to flip depression to self reflection and don't repress your emotions), your health, your day to day operations, something is peaking, culminating or ending here, this could also be about your pets, co-workers and employees

SCORPIO (Virgo in the 11th) the New Moon Solar Eclipse two weeks ago likely brought a peak, culmination or ending within friendships or associations or maybe something in the way of your big dream gets removed or the dream itself evolves through release or loss - the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse today (Pisces in the 5th) is about romance, creative projects, children - something here reaches a peak, ends or comes to a culmination. Time to let go.

SAGITTARIUS (Virgo in the 10th) the New Moon Solar Eclipse two weeks ago brought changes within your career and reputation in the world - there will be big changes in this area within the next 6 months! This could also be something about your father or your belief about your father. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Pisces in the 4th) today is about emotional changes within your family, possible losses within the family, your home or 'base'. This could also be about the release of a belief about your childhood, what 'home' is or something about your roots. This could also be about your mother or your beliefs about your mother.

CAPRICORN (Virgo in the 9th) the New Moon Solar Eclipse two weeks ago brought changes in your education or travel plans or with what is foreign, maybe the removal of a belief system and access to greater knowledge (opening of crown chakra) - the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Pisces in the 3rd) today is about letting your emotions open your mind, a challenge for Cappys! learning to trust your gut intelligence, maybe a peak, ending or culmination in regard to communication, intellect, something with a sibling, neighbor or your neighborhood

AQUARIUS (Virgo in the 8th) the New Moon Solar Eclipse two weeks ago was about death, divorce, surgery, sex, deep discoveries, reproduction something about taboo experiences - the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Pisces in the 2nd) today is about the loss of something valuable but the loss brings freedom .... what belief about 'security or safety' is standing between you and freedom? what do you really value?

PISCES (Virgo in the 7th) the New Moon Solar Eclipse two weeks ago  was about the loss of a close relationship or belief around a relationship - the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Pisces in the 1st) today is all about you, you will feel the wounding and healing here, take it easy on yourself, meditate don't medicate, get some exercise and skip the alcohol, don't overeat, get healthy. Your life will be so different in 6 months!

If you need assistance determining houses let me know! Eclipses work themselves out over a six month period although big events often happen at the eclipse and, I often find, one month to the day before or after.

Also something about Full Moons and Pisces - it's a time to 'let go'. It isn't a time to 'move on'. The 'letting go' and the 'moving on' times are two different things - we get all screwed up when we push them together like they are one big thing.

They aren't. 

This is how we dis-honor our feelings and try to bypass grief and we get ourselves out of 'right timing'. This is just the time to 'let go' - nothing more ....

Happy Harvest Moon everyone! xo all


DancingMooney said...

Hey Cat, I printed my chart recently from that astro website, but I haven't the slightest clue how to read it... can you clue me in some? Thanks for your help and hope you're enjoying your weekend! ♥


stregata said...

Wanted to check in to hear how Olive is doing... what did the vet say this week?
How are you holding up? xoxo

lynn bowes said...

I'm with Dancing Mooney - no idea what my houses hold. Since my birthday is the 17th (and a really BIG birthday milestone welcoming Medicare - eek), is Virgo in my first house? You once told me that September would be big for me but I don't think turning 65 was what you meant. Who was that astrology advisor to Nancy Reagan again? That's who you are to me : xoxox

Catherine Ivins said...

Janell - did you print from astro.com? One thing you can do - since you just had a birthday - happy birthday! - is go to free horoscopes and then to extended chart selection (right column) and then next to 'please select a chart type' go to solar return chart. I am looking at yours as I type this. This is a snapshot of the skies when the Sun returned to your natal position (19 degrees Virgo) this year and is one way to look at the year ahead. First see how everything is focused on the left side of your chart - that side is about initiative (vs the right side which is about fate) so what you will get out of the next year will come through your efforts. Your ascendant is in Capricorn which is the serious sign of business and hard work and you've got Pluto there (karma, obsession) and your Moon (emotions, mother, mothering, nurturing)- this is all in your first house of yourself, so you will probably need to be serious and intense this year - it will be a transformational year certainly. Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) is in your 11th house - that house rules friendships and 'your tribe' and the internet so people in those areas will take you more seriously, you will gain their respect as a force to be reckoned with and not a lightweight, if you know what I mean. This house also rules your future and your big bodacious dream for your life. To work this aspect you should be focused on a concrete specific direction, a realistic but heart filled goal, a network of relationships that support your goals - you want to avoid drifting or vagueness, inability to commit, whimsical goals or pie in the sky crap, avoid people who are confused or addicted or drifting - you need salt of the earth solid types around you to get the most success from this year. Your sun is in the 8th house so you'll 'shine' through 8th house matters and might be focused on them - other people's money, loans, taxes, psychology, deep issues, transformational issues, sex, death, birth, father might be dealing with these issues. Your sun is trine your moon making you confident (and sexy - ack!) This can also make your home life more balanced and bring women to help you. This is a good health aspect, too! The only potential negative health thing I see at a quick glance is that Mars in the 12th so if the health stuff continues we'll look into that. You have alot of squares - so challenges and frustrations, yes - nothing gets done without them - but also many trines so areas of smooth sailing. Looks like a year you can get alot done. I think your self confidence, enthusiasm, vitality will be high. Venus, Jupiter and Mercury all in 9th house - higher education, travel, wedding, philosophy, politics, legal stuff, what is foreign - you could be more focused on something here and you will have the ability to create new patterns of behavior - get unstuck.

Catherine Ivins said...

(Janell) You could be talking and writing about these subjects or maybe subjects that are 'foreign' to you now, attracting what you want in these areas, getting help from women, making money, getting lucky. You've got Uranus in the 4th house of home so changes (maybe unexpected) there - this can also be changes with your business since it's a home business or 'leaving the past behind' in some way - could also make you a little accident prone. Neptune in the 2nd could have money coming and going - no get rich quick schemes this year. Fix any leaking water in your home right away. Maybe money through something new and innovative (Aquarius)? Go for your dreams, but don't throw all your money at some Neptunian fairy tale. All in all a year of work and responsibility and you coming into your own. Lots of dealings with the public, women, family - you are going to need boundaries. Note- I am skipping a gazillion things!! and this plays out over the next 12 months thru your next birthday. xo not sure I have answered your question though - you can also choose natal chart with transits and you can see where the green planets (transitting planets) are sitting now - this might help follow what I write about. You should see Jupiter and Venus in Libra, the Sun in Virgo, etc!

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Renate- She went to the vet Friday. Her cornea is healed. He said she looks very good. The vet let her out of her cone collar so she is happy about that. She is still crying at the slightest touch to that side of her head - I actually thought about putting the blow up collar back on her - but at least the pain will keep her away from the area. I feel I had been neglecting her a bit and am trying to get her on more long walks now and give her more of her favorite foods and toys. The cat came back and Olive ran right up to her, luckily she ran away .... something about not teaching an old dog a new trick comes to mind here :) thank you for asking xo

Catherine Ivins said...

No Lynn - I am an armchair astrologer remember?! :) Your first house is Aquarius (rebel, genius, criminal) so this is your ascendant which is how you appear to other people - original, unconventional, able to question authority, not follow the crowd this stuff is essential for you. You have reached an evolutionary stage where this is what you should present to the world. The different drummer thing. Of course you've also got Pisces intercepted in that first house (did you get your chart at astro.com - see how Pisces is within the house but not touching the edges), so that's the escapist dreamer most likely to slip you up ... I'll look at your solar return chart tomorrow since you are another birthday girl! xo

Catherine Ivins said...

Janell- also if you go to natal and progressed chart - you can see all the action in your 5th, 6th and 7th houses - creativity, romance, children, fun, health, work, day to day activities, pets, partners, equal partnerships. This is still the bones of your life. This is another way to look ahead - your chart progresses one day for every year you are alive, so the chart for October 18, 1980 also reflects the year ahead. Might be less confusing to look at the natal/transits though - ugh!