Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of September 12th - here comes the lunar eclipse, grab your pillow!

pillow fight by shadow and soul

This is a challenging week filled with twists and turns and big news. All week we are building to the Lunar Eclipse on Friday!

On Monday, we are at the midpoint of this Mercury retrograde. By now we know what this "re" period is about for us. If someone or something connects from the past now -she/it is here to focus our attention on something we missed, needs to be "re-done" or have been avoiding.

We have Mercury (mind, communication) squaring (tension) Mars (war, impulsiveness). This can lead to disagreements, making hasty decisions and jumping to conclusions. So let's not. We might hear or read something that makes us mad. We could say/write something that makes others mad, too. We also have the Sun conjunct Mercury (in Virgo) to increase our verbal and written confidence and maybe offer us one of those Oprah "aha" moments.

On Tuesday, the Sun squares Mars (this aspect is the over-riding theme of this week!). This is another tense transit, but could get us moving. Use this energy to create something bold. Passionate energy will be available. We should think (Virgo Sun) before we act (Mars). We could be impatient and irritable. If you are a road rage prone driver just stay home. If you need to have a meeting with a boss or competitor it could be challenging, stay on your toes, but maybe try not to step on theirs. A good defense is the best offense now. On the other hand, if something is really worth fighting for, we'll have the right energies available. Take care with power tools and with fire.

If you like to fight this could be your favorite week! :) We get these energies a couple times a year although happening during a Mercury retrograde and with Monday's long Void Moon - let's not make any long term, binding decisions!

On Wednesday, we start to get clearer on what will be - ending/ eclipsing out/ coming to light - with the eclipse energy (in our Pisces house).

On Thursday, the Moon squares Saturn and Mars squares Chiron.

(Yes, this is a week of squares. Squares = tension and frustration, but without them pretty much nothing would ever happen. We react with indignation against some status quo thingamajig, situation or person, then we begin to organize a way to change it. Maybe 'crowds' of people, energies and resources gather around the focal point of grievance. Maybe we gather our own energies and resources. The emotions that were birthed in reactive indignation or annoyance become an inner source of strength. Or maybe we just get pissed off and fly off the handle!)

The Moon squaring Saturn is like mom and dad fighting or maybe having to grow up too soon. We have to appear stronger than we actually are, or more stable. We have to step into something we are not quite ready for. Maybe something/someone we relied on for support is no longer available so we become more self sufficient. Or a home issue arises or requires our attention now. It can also make things appear a bit bleak - brighter days are ahead folks and not very far away!

Mars squaring Chiron while the Sun opposes Chiron could indicate we need to take some action (Mars) that won't feel good (Chiron). It may not actually solve anything (it might though), but could need to happen anyway to shift the energies around the situation. It could hurt. With Chiron we are talking about a wound that is old and deep. Words like 'should' and 'guilt' might force us to do things differently this time or wrap things up. Both Chiron and Mars are players in Friday's Full Moon Eclipse so everything that is happening this week will lead us to that culmination, revealing, ending.

There are multiple void moons during work hours this week. The Moon is void all day Monday. On Wednesday the Moon goes void just before lunch and on Friday the Moon goes void at 3:00 pm - all times EST. Void Moons are great times to get things done so we will have a productive week. They are not great times to start brand new things though - if you want anything to come of them (sometimes we don't though). Keep this in mind. If we are starting something important and can wait for Mars to go into Capricorn and the Mercury retrograde to end, let's wait for that. If we can't wait choose times when the Moon is not void.

I'll write another post about this week's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (24 degrees Pisces/Virgo) in Pisces. We can see from the energies we have building toward it there will be plenty of fireworks!

Venus is also building all week toward her opposition to Uranus (exact on Sunday) so there could be some shock or change of course regarding a woman, our income or love.

If you have anything (planet or point) in the later degrees of the mutable signs - Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius - this would be a good week to get some extra exercise or work done or fall plantings in the ground to burn this Mars energy off in a productive way!

Stay tuned. xo all

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