situations already in play ....

photo by Katarzyna Kos

A couple of the transits I wrote about in yesterday's eclipse post tighten up today.

The Sun (in Virgo) opposing Neptune (in Pisces) - this shines a light/focus on something ruled by Neptune/Pisces - illusion, deception, compassion, imagination, something hidden or put away, hospitals, prisons. If it sounds too good to be true though, it probably is. Resist the temptation to escape whatever the Sun illuminates with drugs, alcohol or Netflix. This is good energy to edit (Virgo) imaginative (Neptune) work. If a decision needs to be made today, keep a clear head. It is also easy to get a little too self-absorbed with this influence and create resentment in others - stay tuned in, but not boundary-less .....

Mercury is conjunct Jupiter (28 degrees Virgo) - this can bring good (Jupiter) news (Mercury). It can also make communications, conversations, news and ideas over the top and overblown or just BIG in some way. Jupiter is larger than all the other planets combined, but it has no surface - it's all gases. Maybe we could say he's full of hot air (ha!) - couple this with that Neptune opposition and it will be important to keep our heads with any news we hear. This would be a good day for some positive conversations and to have a BIG idea - write things down! This could be a good day for a talk that leads to BIG things, just be sure both parties are clear with what is being said/offered and know there could be some hot air thrown about .....

The Sun and Moon are still in Virgo for a few more hours. If you haven't done your New Moon intentions you still have time to take advantage of Jupiter. With Mercury retrograde and ruling yesterday's eclipse and ruling this New Moon - setting intentions that work with energies and situations already in play, or with a connection to the past, can be very powerful and effective.

Not that we can't make something from nothing here

(seeds planted in the dark earth, especially during an earthy New Moon like this one, can certainly take root),

but I have found I sometimes get the best results working with what I already have going on.

For example say we are going to make something for dinner. We can make whatever we want, but we are limited by what we have in the house. Or we want to buy a new camera. We can buy whatever we want within the limits of our budget.

Even with the excellent manifesting energy we have available right now - we are working with situations already in play. Our previous beliefs, thoughts and actions have supplied us with the food in our kitchen or dollars in our budget. I'm sure if we could see all the stuff we have in play at any given moment all lain out before us we would be exhausted and need a nap!

So, if one of your intentions is to be more organized (Virgo) - get specific about something you have in play that needs more organization. Set the intention for it to be accurate and organized and for this to lead to X (a satisfied feeling of completion, an increased bank balance, etc).

Our new chapter is starting to take shape in September, and yes it is new, and yes, it also builds on all the preceding chapters.

Some of us may be starting a whole new book, but most of us will have characters and storylines that carry over and impact this next section.

And something else to think about - Jupiter is preparing to leave Virgo. How have we expanded by shrinking over the last year? How have we grown by staying small ... or humble ... or focused on the tiniest detail .... or focused on someone else  ... or focused on our health. 

There is a rainbow at the end of September for EVERYONE, stay flexible and focused. xo all


stregata said...

How is Olive doing? And how are you feeling Cat? xo

Catherine Ivins said...

We had good news on Friday - she doesn't need surgery to remove the lens and won't lose her eye. The vet estimates 75% vision loss in that eye, but we can live with that! He said her eye is healing quite remarkably, but she has a long road ahead. Thank you for asking Renate. I have been totally wiped out and feeling quite guilty since I've seen the cat in my yard before but never thought she/he would be a threat to Olive since the cat has always jumped the fence when Olive came outside. I know you are an animal lover and understand. I spend more time with Olive than any person and just feel very, very blessed to have her. I did switch her, against vet's orders, but I am being very careful - to a blow up collar at night rather than the cone so she can sleep. I think that has tremendously helped her healing since she is actually sleeping instead of moving around and crying at night. Thank you for asking Renate xo

DancingMooney said...

I was checking in to see how Olive was doing as well, and was happy to see this post Cat! I've never heard of a blow up collar, that's probably so much more comfortable for her, like a pillow. So happy she is going to be okay!! It sounded like vision loss was a concern, but I just knew it in my heart that she was going to be okay, I could just feel it for some reason. I'm so glad to hear the good news!!!! :)

Cat is it possible that we could be re-starting something we've stopped recently? I went for a complete overhaul of my business recently, but now am considering slowly adding somethings back in... (no not soap! LOL) I think I've just had to accept that my mind works like a gift shop and since the 'mix' has worked for me before, I need to just let it be, instead of trying to fight it off. I love the variety, it keeps my creative juices flowing in a few directions and I don't get bored or tired. Always something new that way, for me. Also definitely looking at expansion...

I am trying not to make any 'big' decisions right now though, as per your suggestion. :)

Hope you are looking forward to a relaxing weekend with Olive, Cat.


Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks Janell- yes, I know you were positive about it! My head usually goes to the worst case scenario even through we had Mercury (literally sitting on my mid heaven) conjunct Jupiter yesterday so it should have been good news - but all I was thinking was 'over the top' news - ack! I thought he was going to say she needed surgery and he (the vet) wouldn't be thinking clearly - ha!

Yes, makes perfect sense! Mercury retrograde is working his way through your 5th house so this is an excellent time for you to be re-thinking/re-working your creations (5th house - also anything to do with creative outbursts - love, children, art!) Transitting Jupiter and Mercury are today sitting right on your natal Saturn (your foundation, responsibilities, boundaries, commitments, authority figures, your father - good/big news or a good/big idea with something here??) and he'll also hit your natal Sun and natal Jupiter during this retrograde. It makes perfect sense to go backwards with your creativity to move forward! xo

stregata said...

So glad to hear the good news, Cat! Those cone collars are just awful. One of my kitties needed to wear one for quite a while and I ended up fabricating a foam cone for her - it was much more comfortable for her to sleep with...
I have had you both on my mind and am so, so glad that things are going well for Olive.
You shouldn't feel guilty - there was no way of knowing something like this would happen... concentrate on the good news - that will help Olive recover. Love and healing wishes to both of you. xo