the Fall Equinox, Sun into Libra and Mercury moves direct | where do we want to go from here

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Mercury retrograde - over the past three weeks (and the area came to our attention a bit before that when Mercury when into his shadow period- the degrees he was going to nit-pick over) some space in each of our lives (Virgo) had Mercury backpedaling and doing what Virgo (and Mercury since Mercury rules Virgo) does best - picking at something, checking for problems, re-thinking a situation, hitting a time out - you get the idea.

Maybe some miss-shaped pattern in our thinking, doing or relating was brought to our attention. Maybe something came to standstill. Maybe something/someone from the past re-emerged (it could disappear again). Things can start to move forward now. We will learn where we stand here.

Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini and is an important player in the inner skies (our day to day life) ruling communication (and the things we communicate with ie computers), our thinking, our early experiences and things nearby, ie siblings (even when they are no longer close by) and neighbors, education, transportation (re its link with speed, communication and commerce) and sales/commerce (re its link with communication and intellect).

He/she is the closest planet to the Sun - we will all feel better when he is back up to speed (give him a couple/few days to un-wonk himself and iron out the kinks). There could be rewards for our thorough re-work and patience. If you know where 14 degrees Virgo is in your natal chart this is the space he is moving forward from .... so here we go!

Also today, the Fall Equinox arrives as the Sun moves into Libra. Darkness and light are equally balanced today. Burning Libra fuel we can come into balance. In my part of the world we move from Summer into Fall (and heading toward Winter) - the time between life and death.

We take stock of our harvest - what do we have, what do we need, what do we need to do to get it, what do we need to do differently. We prepare for the winter ahead. We move into an air sign (and could reap a head cold - do whatever it is you do to head that off) and could feel a bit off-kilter and ungrounded for a couple days.

Libra is the sign of beauty and partnership and balance. We give and we get. With all of us burning Libra fuel for the next few weeks any ways this is out of balance in our lives could show up for us - an inability to make a decision could cause us a problem, bending too much to other people could cause us a problem, pouring pink paint on problems and pretending they don't exist could cause the problem to bleed through our crappy paint job in bigger and messier ways.

The good news and there is plenty of it - we are heading toward what astrologer Susan Miller calls "the luckiest day of the year" on Monday - the day the Sun conjuncts (joins) Jupiter.

This happening in Libra this year (love and money) makes it even more magical. We are in that energy now as they move toward their meeting

(and if you have a birthday between now and September 30th - my brother does, the lucky devil! - this energy will be part of your whole, entire next year and because it's part of the Fall Equinox we all have access to it for the next 6 months!).

We'll talk about this in the next weekly, but it's all good with this one!

For today - we can be like that Libran scale symbol and weigh our options (don't run full steam ahead just yet, let things fall into place a bit around you first).

This has been a challenging six months. The mutable trials have been immense. Mutable energy is rather boundless and stretchy. This can be a good thing.

But it can also have its drawbacks. We can end up right back where we started very easily. Too much space sounds like a good thing until we get it. Less options always equals more focus. More focus with less options is exactly what we get with Saturn in Sagittarius (through the end of 2017).

As we move into the second half of the astrological year we will have learned that sometimes we need to know this is as far as we can go. Or this is where we must concentrate our energy in order to succeed. People who do not see things this way at all may feel their goals and dreams are stifled now or get kicked in the ass at some point. For dreamers that can embrace this way of thinking (we can't have everything all at once and this means even in little things like we can't sleep in all the time and waste time and still get our work done on time or we can't eat fast food and have a fast moving, fast thinking body, etc), Saturn will help us build the kind of stability that supports BIG THINGS.

While we have the Sun in Libra - two heads will be better than one, air signs in particular (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra) will be very quick thinking and easier to work with, yes, even stubborn Aquarius (ack!). It's a time to negotiate. Brings legal matters to a close if possible. It's a time to partner. We will refuel the way Libra Suns do - through beauty and peace - get to a museum, get outdoors. 

What feels out of balance? Hint - it's probably that thing we dread doing or the relationship with that person we dread dealing with. On the other side of that same coin it can also be whatever we feel we can't live (breathe) without - they only thing we can't breathe without is oxygen! If something feels like a do or die situation or there is some person we simply must be in balance with to be able to sleep at night - this is a good time of year to make changes here.

We can evaluate the past 6 months and see what we can do in the next 6 months to bring ourselves into a better balance with ourselves and with other people. Our beliefs, past decisions and past actions have brought us to exactly the space we now occupy - our current beliefs, today's decisions and today's actions will bring us to the next space - where do we want to go next?

xo all


Debbie said...

so is Angelina Jolie the lunar eclipse woman leaving and not Hillary :) still think Hillary will win? - Debbie

Catherine Ivins said...

Did I say Hillary was leaving?!

Angelina Jolie, yes, a perfect archetype for the lunar eclipse in Pisces - female energy leaving a dissolving situation involving drugs/alcohol. I don't have time to look at her chart but I know she is a Gemini Sun and Geminis have had a challenging year and have Saturn opposing their Sun so draining their energy and probably having them think they are "running out of time" or feeling older - of course Mercury rules Gemini and Mercury was retrograde when she filed for divorce. She wouldn't be the first Gemini to change her mind after a Mercury retrograde, so we'll see .... of course there could be some firm things in their charts that say this is the end - the lunar eclipse is pretty firm.

Well, I was wondering about Hillary - only in my head though, I don't think I wrote about it and can't find it in here! - like maybe her health was worse than reported and she was bowing out when we had the energy of an announcement, and she announced the pneumonia, and then the eclipse - maybe it eclipsed out her illness - ha! She has Virgo in the 6th so this whole Virgo crazy season has certainly impacted her health and day to day activities and she's got Neptune aspects that look like - illness, virus, scapegoat. She's got Venus in Scorpio now and he'll hit her Sun in a couple days and that should help her. She's also got a karmic Pluto/power transit in a few days and maybe something being made public around October 3rd with that so if she gets through whatever that is and is still standing ... election day is all Venus aspects and we've got Saturn in Sag answering to Jupiter in Libra ruled by Venus - the woman/ female energy candidate should win. On the other hand Donald's progressed Sun just went into Virgo and the North Node (our collective way forward) is in Virgo and his chart looks very happy after the election .... he just has such a low appeal to women, I can't see it this year ....

Catherine Ivins said...

and Hillary is definitely 'past her prime' here - she should have run when Saturn was in Scorpio, but that would have been Obama's 2nd term ...