the stuff that can come back around and bite us .... an astrological update

please don't flow so fast by njurur

So, let's see where we are - Mars has finally moved into Capricorn. Mars usually spends just a few weeks in each sign, but due to his 2016 retrograde, he spent the first nine months of the year in just two signs - Scorpio and Sagittarius, so his move into Capricorn (an earth sign) is a very big deal.

Except for Scorpio and Aries, Capricorn is Mars favorite sign to visit. He (and we) can get alot done now. We also have Pluto (retrograde for 5 months) finally direct again. He is also in Capricorn (2008-2024) where he has been and will be upsetting all kinds of Capricornian applecarts (ie business, banking, structure, government, authority).

We might be, or will be, feeling more ambitious here.

We want to reach higher and achieve more. There is a certain angst with this energy if it is thwarted and keep in mind we are also in Libra season (the Sun through October 22nd) and also have Jupiter recently moved into Libra (until October 10, 2017) which makes it harder to make decisions. 

Maybe we are uncertain about which road to take. We can hesitate. We can frustrate ourselves. Outside situations and people can frustrate us, too. We can't please everyone. We have Saturn in Sagittarius (through the end of 2017) limiting our options which should make it easier to focus, but somehow just makes it harder to see how to get to where we want to be.

There is alot of energy around our relationships.

We have a New Moon in Libra tomorrow night (early Saturday if you are in Europe) and Libra rules relationships. We have Jupiter - the planet of expansion and good luck - working with us through the next year within the structure of our relationships (and natal Libra houses!).

The last month and a half have been up and down with the Eclipse Season, lots of karmic releases and lots of stuff that paved the way for our next chapter. We have Neptune now retrograded back to the degree in Pisces where it went direct last year so lots of emotional groundhog days for people as well as situations involving compassion, losses and boundaries.

The theme of shifting back inside our own frame continues. Where are we trying to be or do too much? What feels comfortable? What is most sustainable? Can we feel the relief when we just take a deep breath and relax into our own space and let the rest go?

Feeling where we are and holding our space is a part of the very big process of re-inventing our relationships. Relationships and our 'flock' will be a strong focus over the next 12 and a half months. Jupiter will expand everything that is right about them and everything that is not so right. We will see the way the people in our lives reflect us back to us. We will be accountable for our relationships and our boundaries. People, projects - the things we need to get us where we need to go will expand. This is a very good thing, but this does not mean it will be an easy thing.

Uranus is in Aries (so will be opposing Jupiter in Libra) - negotiations will not be easy and things will be unpredictable.

But this is a new way to live (cooperation vs competition) and we are on this journey ... together.

By the end of next week Jupiter will begin to square Mars and this can bring us courage and determination (also situations and people who bring this out in us). This energy can be kind of impulsive and make us more accident prone (meaning maybe physical accidents, but really just more liable to take actions that bring us unintended consequences, not necessarily bad consequences), so to get the most from this 'tension' (tension can really get things unstuck and moving) we might want to take a few moments now to get clear on where we really want to go and what we really want to do.

Now the reason I am writing about all of this in a separate post is that after the next few weeks of Mars in Capricorn (through November 9th when he heads into Aquarius) he will not return to Capricorn for 2 years, and when he does, Saturn will also be in Capricorn and Pluto will still be in Capricorn (and Jupiter will be following them)!

So these next 2 years could be alot about our next 6 weeks.

Mercury is out of retrograde now (although still retracing steps until late next week), Mars is out of retrograde, Pluto is out of retrograde - we had a year filled with lots of retrograde and they have all ended and we are moving ahead. Neptune is still retrograde but for most left brained people this might actually help with decision making and staying grounded.

We need to draw our boundaries now - and stick to them. Stuff will challenge this. That's OK, it just makes us stronger. Oxygen mask on our own face ... first. We can't compromise ourselves here.

We need to focus on what our heart wants (if it's in your heart it's in your chart!) and we need to be realistic (yes, there is work and right timing involved here) and take the steps that are right in front of us (Virgo North Node/ Saturn in Sagittarius).

With all this Capricornian stuff (the sign doesn't rule some of the harshest days of winter for nothing) now and in the future we know there will be challenges. Let's get our ducks in a row now.  Look ahead with this. Are we doing something that can come back and bite us in the ass? Or something that is wearing us out? Or something that is pie in the sky? Are we giving away the store? Where is our money going? Are we eating junk all day? What are we procrastinating? How are we self-sabotaging? What are we relying on so heavily that if it disappeared we would be in deep trouble?

What is the irresponsible/too much thing that will bite us in the ass later - let's get on with changing that.

My own list is pretty long :)

xo all

New Moon tomorrow! Post to follow.


stregata said...

Thanks for the update about Olive - I am so glad to hear that she is doing well. I am sure the jumpiness will ease with some more time.
One sentence in this post is really 'singing' in my ears: 'We need to focus on what our heart wants (if it's in your heart it's in your chart!)' - could you look at my chart and tell me what you see? If it isn't asking too much. Thank you for all your support. xo

Catherine Ivins said...

Definitely Renate! Any particular area or focus? xo

stregata said...

Thank you, Cat! I feel very much like I have lost my way - can you see my 'path'?
I really appreciate your taking the time to do this. Big hugs. xo

Catherine Ivins said...

OK Renate - will look! xo

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Renate - I will look at your natal chart and also your solar return chart for the time after your birthday - are you still in Berlin?

stregata said...

Hi Cat - no, I don't live in Berlin now. I am just north of Munich, about 50 km. Do you need more precise information? xo

Catherine Ivins said...

That is close enough Renate - thanks.

Catherine Ivins said...

I haven't forgotten Renate! I have this scheduled for Thursday to see what is happening in your chart. xo

stregata said...

I know you haven't forgotten, Cat. Thank you again! xo

Catherine Ivins said...

Ok Renate - first you are still in the energy of your Saturn Return (Saturn returning to the degree when you were born, every 28 years) - that is huge. There is probably no way to feel settled until that energy dissipates more. If you look at what you had going on the last time Saturn was in Sagittarius (85-88) you will probably see some big life events you were dealing with then and the same goes for this return or this can be more of a check-up. And you have Saturn in your first house conjunct your North Node and very close to your Sun and Mercury - this stuff is not for sissies. You also had a Jupiter return so a new 12 year chapter in your 10th house of public life/career is starting now, too. With both of these things in the same year it is certain you would be feeling out of touch with goals - so much closing out, so much just beginning.

You have this very Plutonian chart. Tremendous strength. Intense. Passionate. This life is designed to be about you and not a life where you can depend on someone else for everything - Scorpio North Node usually learns through loss, so maybe life starts out more materially comfortable and then you come to learn some of these things are not so necessary after all, or however this plays out. Your progressed Sun is in Capricorn so certainly people take you seriously.

Some kind of trauma to the divine feminine in your mother's ancestral life (and maybe your own childhood or maybe you just carry it to evolve it) that you are working out. You have this truth-sayer thing. You have Pluto (fate, karma) in the 10th house (public life) in Virgo and we have just had a long period of time when so much energy has been marching through Virgo and pinging this. Multiple 'fated' things that had to/have to be dealt with. You probably attract a lot of people with strong Virgo in their charts actually.

Catherine Ivins said...

With Pluto in the 10th you have probably felt since you were a little girl that you were here to do something important and you are actually (!) - that Pluto in the 10th (and Pluto being your chart ruler) could have you imagining too many career/public life landmines. You are here to heal, lead, inspire in a public way. The shadow of this is maybe being out of kilter with your own values or becoming a tyrant and I know you have avoided this! Imagine if you stand before God at the end of your life and he asks you "so, what did you do for a living?" how would you want to answer this .... Pluto here also makes your public life/career outside your own control at times. That can be challenging since he's your chart ruler and you have 2 planets (one of them your Sun!) and the North Node in Scorpio answering to that 10th house Pluto. Fear itself is the obstacle.

Your 'path' is basically in a nutshell - born to be a force in this world and to stand for something you believe in. Follow your own fire/desire/passion and you'll find the shape of that destiny. And since it is actually a 'destiny' you need to believe that there is more at work here than your own will or desire - you are the trigger but the universe itself favors the expression of your Plutonian mission. If you can believe this, trust this and move with it, synchronistic coincidences begin to unfold, charging your path with power, connections, good luck.

(there is also a 3rd house wounding ether something about siblings or one sibling in particular or the lack of siblings or maybe something about communication and being heard - needing to be able to speak without worrying about being heard - this is a Chironic wound so often something you can help others with or you work with in some way but never quite heal yourself - like being a voice for people who cannot speak for themselves in some way and this is in Aquarius so really outside the box somehow?)

Let me look at your solar return this weekend for your year ahead to see where all this is going - your solar return (the chart starting at your birthday and through the 12 months until your next birthday) looks like an inner focus for next year - more about what you are doing inside than outside in the world. That transitting Uranus has just moved into your 6th house of day to day things, health, pets so maybe some up and down stuff there ahead. You've got Jupiter conjunct Venus in your 2nd house in your solar return could be good for money/love, benefits through partnerships. I'll write more early next week! xo

also I can delete this after you have read it just let me know!

stregata said...

Thank you so much, Cat! I wish I could sit down with you and discuss some of this in detail, giving you some background. And thank you in advance for looking into my solar return.
I am having a real problem with what you say is my 'path' - to be a force in this world. So maybe fear is the thing that defines me and my life. Any thoughts? xo

Catherine Ivins said...

No, I wouldn't say fear defines you or your life - Pluto makes us very conscious of life's bleaker aspects. There is transformation of fear or trauma. With Pluto there are no rose colored glasses, so we are always being tempted to look away (and for others a temptation to either look away from us or to not be able to stop looking) - we have to take Pluto very slowly. You have other important aspects too - you have Venus very strong in artistic Libra in the 11th house and Jupiter in the 10th house, not just Pluto. I see your solar return Moon is in Aries in the 10th - so you could be more emotionally focused on work next year and with Aries there do something new - probably just need to guard against being too impulsive with work. Either you bring more emotions to your work (nurturing, maternal) or you bring a more serious approach to your emotions. There could also be marital stuff next year with the Moon here. It can also make your work more public. The Moon has challenging aspects to Mars - anger, restlessness, impatience and Pluto - fate, breaking established routines. It has helpful aspects with Venus - attracting what you want, support from others and Saturn - intuition marries realism, feeling the need to achieve security, the strict mother. If you want to email me some background it will be easier to know what to look for. Thanks again Renate! xo