Put a Lid on It Sister

When the plastic soda bottles that we sort out for recycling get to our local recycling plants- the hard plastic caps are removed (if you haven't removed them). Those caps are made with Polypropylene which gets them a 5 rating and are virtually unrecyclable.

Any hard plastics that you can't squish with your hands get this rating and usually do not end up being recycled. Last Christmas I wrote about a program at Aveda Hair & Skin Care Products to reuse these caps in their packaging and now they have really expanded it.

With more than 3 million tons of pretty little plastic parts floating in the Northwest Pacific Ocean and often being mistaken as food by fish which end up dying of asphyixa and malnutrition, not to mention the gazillion tons of this stuff rotting (well, actually it's not rotting) in our landfills and down storm drains- this is a much needed step in the right direction.

So save your rigid plastic threaded caps for the Aveda drop off location near you (any retail location)!


Ngan {eNVe Designs} said...

thanks for schooling me about the caps.. I had no idea they weren't recyclable! Hooray for Aveda! I'll have to start collecting those now that I know.

missknits said...

wow i didnt know that! thanks for the information! i was just looking at all those thinking hmmmm what kind of art can we make out of them! and find a way to recycle after all!

Unni Strand said...

I've read, here in Norway, that these caps are used to make office chairs. ???

kella said...

already collecting my caps!