Fantabulous Friday Finds

I have to admit to a total randomness with this grouping but if you can't get a little random on a fantabulously amazing summer Friday than what the heck, right?

These are just a few little amazing finds to get your weekend started right. And these summer weekends are ending so don't forget to get outside and enjoy them a bit!

Spirocreations amazing footwear, the stunning work of body artist Emma Hack, the adorable dresses at ModCloth, recycled Vespa lighting, connect the dot tattoos have the potential for some serious fun, Harry Potter covers reinvented as penguin paperbacks- how amazingly cool are these and don't you totally miss penguin paperbacks, my skateboard obsession continues with these Deck Stools - I've posted about skateboards so often lately you'd think I actually rode one and finally the breathtaking art of the amazing Jessica Doyle (and yes, she has a locket!).


Anonymous said...

Love the ModCloth dresses for sure! Awesome vespa lamps--and I've been eyeballing some scooters lately hee hee :) Jessica Doyle rocks--I hearted that one last week!

Kate8085 said...

I hope you have extra room at your place, because once the hubs sees the skateboard chairs and vespa lamps, its all over for our bills.
You like dogs, right?

He is working on paintings for his September opening, which is, you guessed it, a whole old school skateboard painting themed show.

Speaking of our bills, the body artist is going to put us out of business. The connect the dot tattoos are blowing my mind.

Oh, the pink dress is amazing and don't even get me started on Jessica Doyle.
She rules so hard.

Why do I always leave such long ass comments on your posts?
Oh yeah, cause you pack so much goodness in its unbelievable.
Love it, sister.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous selections! Love the footwear. Right up my alley. And those tattoos might make me reconsider them for myself. LOL As for Jessica, well she just rocks plain and simple. The best part is that she lives right here in Saint John and has been in to my store to see me. I love her art. Great choices! ~~Mrs SudsMuffin

M.M.E. said...

I want the vespa lamps! Or a vespa. Really, I'm not picky.