Uh... I'm Busy Saving the World OK

Too tired to come up with an actual hump day post what with all my saving the world type of activities in the last couple days:

1. Saved countless people from possible electrocution - saw downed power line, called 911, shielded the area with my body while waiting for police

(well, sat in my car eating french fries and chatting with my sister on the cell phone while waiting for police, but same difference)

2. Returned a lost labradoodle who wandered onto my street

(had to coax her near me with some Kraft singles and I may have looked like I was trying to steal her when her owners showed up while I was trying to corral her into my car, but I know my intentions were honorable plus Olive does not want to compete for my attention - ie Kraft singles- with another redhead)

3. Spray spainted 2 sticks to look like light sabers thus allowing two 8 year olds to battle Darth Vadar and save the universe

4. Made 20 I Speak for the Squid cork necklaces for some squid people's radical self-expression at Burning Man

(saving the world one squid at a time)

And yes, by the way my abs (and other areas) do look exactly like this cartoon rendering of me (above)- please don't hate me....

1. GI Joe Real American Hero Purse by DAMECreations
2. Power Man and elon by Kilsook
3. My Hero Stamped Brass Keychain by JeanSkipper
4. Lionheart Spoon Rest by PinkKiss
5. Mickey Mouse Brave Storybook & Record from OldKitty


M.M.E. said...

Wow, you are a hero! It was nice of you to help that lost dog. Hope the owners weren't too upset. And yes, I am jealous of your legs, and abs, and maybe your supergirl hair.

Jane Pierce aka zJayne said...

ha hahahaha ha! I cracked up reading this!

Anonymous said...

Does Etsy have a super heroes team? :)

I tried to think of a list, but alas I haven't been very amazing this week. I did, however, singlehandedly construct a super cool 3-room kitty fort for Gracie (my orange fur baby) out of old fan boxes.

Stacey said...

Weeeeelllll you and Rachel ARE my Etsy heroes, so I've always kinda pictured ya with a cape & abs (but without the adam's apple in the illustration above ;)