Time Out Tuesday or some stuff to check out while the kids trash the house and you sip your double mocha and convince yourself they are napping

I think Riot Siren's cupcake skirts "put on your party skirt and roll in the dirt" are sssooo adorable!

I am obsessed with Osusowake (means sharing in Japanese) - the little cake slice planters that make sharing your favorite cuttings so easy peasy.

Olive is in love with Lucy Snowe's urban art for nature lovers and in particular this little snapshot.

Your kids don't need a clubhouse - you do, especially something as awesome as this Happy Loves Rosie Caravan!

Kella made my 2009 blog posts into a book for me at Blurb for my birthday last week- make books, not war!

I heart Haddock (do you?) mug from Black Ink.

I am head over heels for this little smiling frog! Is this not the cutest little frog you have ever seen - like, if I didn't have George I would totally kiss this little guy and am almost certain he would turn into Daniel Day-Lewis or Paul Newman or someone equally fabulous.

Beautiful little brooches from Caroline Dulko.

The amazing installation art "Chemical Balance" by Jean Shin created from thousands of prescription bottles recycled from nursing homes.

If you are going to be in Brooklyn and love insect art as much as I do Entomologia is a must-see ... am wondering if there will be any stinkbug art ...

Bits of brutality smothered in a rich, creamy marshamallow sauce - the adorable world of Cuddly Rigor Mortis artist (and Jersey girl) Kristin Tercek.

And, yes, she has a locket!


Viktoria said...

Your blog is definately involved in a project I run since I was opening my etsy store:
It is called: you lazybones learn more and better english!... always a pleasure to read your postings!
Of course the pics are great as well!

TesoriTrovati said...

A Blurb of your blog? Brilliant!
What a great assortment of wonder-filled things. Thanks for sharing the good that you do! Enjoy the day! Erin

Olivia said...

I always enjoy the eclectic and fun posts here. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the installation art and skirts the most.

Anonymous said...
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