Time Out Tuesday or more stuff to check out while you pretend you are working

I think these amazing recycled duds from Poor Pitiful Pearl are anything but pitiful!

The amazing Lynn of UnaOdd- her new work leaves me breathless!

Martha's lemon candles are definitely a good thing.

Snurk's bedding is just too awesome!

I think I am in love with Polderceramics from Atelier!

The ingenius work of Ghost Patrol!

MigoMagi's adorable little just-in-cash key wallets.

This little short Mixtape will absolutely bring a smile to your Tuesday!

The evolution of Keep Calm and Carry On!

The real carry on - Tassenkast by Lotty Lindemann is a handbag and a little cupboard- how adorable are these!

The amazing world of MademosielleG!

And yes, she has a locket!


Anonymous said...

I love those little suitcase / cupboard things. Had to leave a comment as I was just sitting here stitching a bear brooch and thinking "is this work? I'll just check out Olivebites for a moment...."ha ha! x

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Those cupboard suitcases are amazing! It was so much fun checking out all your cool finds as always. :)
OK. back to work, I mean pretending I'm working. he he

Ngan {eNVe Designs} said...

love these brilliant finds, Cat! Snurk is amazing! and I love that their cardboard box duvet and pavement sheets benefit homeless teens. And the strewn laundry covers.. so funny! :D ok, thanks for helping me procrastinate. ;)

Jo Bryan said...

I am with you on the poor pitiful pearl, anything but!!! I adore the bag and the tops are lovely

MIGOMAGI Brand said...

Warm greeting from Indonesia, Thank you for diplaying our work,That's just totally cool. U have such an awesome blog here. We're following U! ;)