Whining Wednesday or another snowpocalypse and breakfast for dinner

I'm living the dream, folks.

It is 8:30 a.m.

I am snowed in (sort of).

I am listening to Shawn Colvin and my hubby's audible intestinal noises - he used to try to cover it up with a fake cough ... not anymore

... we may be losing some of the magic ...

(I have to whisper-type this because he is starting to complain about me blogging about him)

Actually, it could be my tummy rumbling- hard to tell when we lie this close.

(more whisper typing) - looks like hubby is headed downstairs to make us all breakfast ... he must have forgotten we only have breakfast for dinner now ...

We started breakfast for dinner with a couple trips to the IHOP when we were renovating (term used loosely here) our kitchen a few years ago.

(yes, IHOP for dinner ... I know this is making you jealous, but we can't all be living the dream folks)

I have tried to recreate this experience at home. Many dinners have been trashed after my version of the Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity failed to reach the standards set by the International House.

Apparently, it just doesn't taste right unless it's being served by a toothless woman with a tattoo of Dale, Jr. on her forearm and a dirty apron.

(actually I take that all back, I, too, see my apron as an essential culinary tool, much like a cast iron skillet, and rarely wash it, lest it lose some of its 'flavor' and based on family history and lack of dental insurance should be toothless in 6.7 years)

(more whisper-typing) Sounds like hubby is starting the coffee. He is making alot of noise down there now. The man just can't relax and enjoy a snowday.


Seems like I have to get up and lend a hand.

Hard to whine with a snowpocalypse and something that tastes kind of like a Rooty Tooty in my future - it's all good.

Hope you are all living the dream today, too.
1. Wonderful tea cozy from KnitStorm
2. Amazing Beakfast in Bed print by Mutrux
3. Paint your own eggs by GooseGreaseUndone
4. Adorable felt short stack by LittlePicklepotamus
5. The perfect muffin unbleached tshirt by NottyPouch


Tonya said...

Snowpocalypse is a very good word. We seem to have them around here about once a week this winter. Everyone runs to the grocery store and buys a months worth of food like we won't be plowed out in under 24 hours.

Stay Tuned said...


I haven't been sleeping, so i'm having breakfast at lunch....but i could have breakfast ALL day.
that's all i have you right now. Have a good night. laura :D

Anonymous said...

Hello! Who is the winner of the coin purse??

Sherry said...

Brad and Angelina have nothing on the two of you!

You know,I'm pretty sure diner waitresses have been the first species successfully cloned.


Artsnark said...

sounds like a grand start to the day