Who Ya' Gonna Call?

OK- so maybe some of us

(not me)

have been watching a few too many episodes of GHOST HUNTERS

(the scifi show with the RotoRooter nerds who hunt ghosts),

so when we decided to hit Phillie for Columbus Day

(sans hubby who was working, of course - personally I am on the same schedule as the U.S. Postal Service and take my postal holidays very seriously)

we (ie they) wanted to check out the Eastern State Penitentiary-

(the photo above is NOT the Eastern State Penitentiary but is from that day and the best choice for my photoshopped TAPS insignias which believe me certain members of my little ghost hunting posse really, really wish were real ... sigh)

The penitentiary was the location of the TAPS Halloween special last year where they set up live and found.... well, they found nothing actually (but, they had recorded alot of activity there in a previous episode and by alot of activity I mean alot of unexplained creaking noises and heat sources)

(I must admit I was a bit oblivious to our investigation while the actual investigating was happening- ie photographing empty, closed off corridors for suspicious ghostly activity- my ears covered with the plastic headset for the audio tour, my fingers going numb from the cold and my mind on lunch)

This penitentiary was founded by Benjamin Franklin and the Quakers who believed that people were basically good and given enough time alone (and I mean totally alone- they spent 23 hours a day in their cell and were hooded anytime they left their cells to maintain their privacy) would find God and see the error of their ways.

Later it became a regular prison and even housed Al Capone.

(maybe I was paying more attention than I thought to that audio tour)

So, anyhoo- here is the best photographic evidence from our little adventure and you guys can let me know what you all think (this is a closed off corridor- far from the camera person).

I am convinced we have definitive proof of a haunting.

(or a lens smudge)

1. Home Haunted Home print by RusticGoth
2. Tragic Locket by HeartworksbyLori
3. Spooky Chic Ghost Hairclip by PunchDrunkPrincess (my new favorite shop name!)
4. Treats for the Neighborhood Monsters by GooseGrease
5. Something Terrible Pin by BeanForest
6. Blue Ghost by FetishGhost


M.M.E. said...

What a great adventure! I don't know, that smudge looks pretty isolated. It could be a ghost.

Love the locket by Heart Works by Lori.

Jessica Doyle said...

Cool! It's a ghost!

The neighborhood kids believe my house is haunted and continue to ask me if I see ghosts in my house at night. I believe that if I treat my property with respect in turn they hopefully will respect me.

Bridget said...

wow super cool... I love the show Paranormal States

Sherry said...

When we were in college we only lived a few blocks from there. I never took the tour until we moved years later. Those tiny cells stick with you, don't they?

Brenda said...

Eeeps! Definitely looks spooky, but the scientist in my wants to say lens smudge. But maybe that's what the ghosts wants us to believe ....

Xenotees said...

I still can't believe you ate 2 cheesesteaks!