Weekend Wheezing, Whispering and What Nots

So, I am sick ... again ... - my immune system which kept me from even having a sniffle last year must have taken that road-trip that I never got to take and crashed somewhere between Jersey and North Carolina.

At least yesterday I managed to put my t-shirt on right side out (better than Thursday when I found myself in line at the post office at 4:30 in the afternoon with little inverted seams running down both my arms and my care instruction tag standing straight up at my hairline)

but looking at the bright side

(I have always been a glass half-full kind of girl ... really)

I got a second day's wear out of that t-shirt because the day I wore it inside out doesn't count, right?

So anyhoo, I spent quite a few hours last night catching up with the Dog Whisperer and am more convinced than ever that Cesar is more wizard than whisperer.

Somehow in the twenty minutes he gets between Cialis commercials Cesar can transform a destructive pooch who has eaten enough end tables to poop out a Raymour & Flannigan showroom into a calm submissive furball who not only ignores the sofa but has also prepared the evening meal.

(from scratch)

I lay in bed with a few happy delusions of having Cesar whisper to Olive and of me running with my pack (ie little pup Olive) through the streets like Cesar does, but without her usual erratic, paranoid behavior that always makes me feel like the Lynn Spears of dog mommies.

Olive watches me watching Cesar from her hidden perch under George's pillow and I can see in her little eyes just what she thinks about that.

(you's the one needs the whispering, Cat)

So back to the web and even in my Airborne and Cold-Eeze induced stupor I actually found some amazing stuff that I don't think you're gonna want to live without knowing about.

Love boots and dresses when the weather gets cold and how awesome are the finds at Sundance

Drinking glasses that fit together to tell a story and look as cool on your shelf as they do on your table.

Isn't this just the best bumpersticker ever!

The staggering amount of work that goes into these wood paintings by Faile make me glad I'm already lying down.

Fleurfatale's beautiful twining leaves ring.

The stunning photography of Portland photographer The House of Six Cats (and Bill has a locket).

SaltandPaper's adorable little modern - vintage earring sets.

Karina Marusinska's ceramic spice cup flowers - love these - very Martha.

Have you seen the 2010 Olympic Gold Medals - they won't be giving them out in Chicago anytime soon but at least they will be made from recycled circuit boards!

My new favorite bathroom tiles- how cool are these- bubbles without the formaldehyde-forming substances and cancer-causing nitrosamines found in those fragrant bubble bath products.


LocustSt said...

you found some beautiful stuff!! How creative are those glasses that fit together!!

LoveCharlesVintage said...

What an inspiring post, you really have an eye.

M.M.E. said...

Awesome items! Those glasses are sweet. And I love the tiles too.

Artsnark said...

great finds - love the glasses. Hope the cold goes away soon

sheila at shecological said...

Hi Cat, sorry you have been sick, but we are benefitting from your time spent on the computer! I found your recent posts entertaining, creative, and informative. Thanks and hope you feel better! Sheila

OOAK babies by Mina said...

You are so funny!

The trick to Caesar is the little nip behind the ear he gives the dog when he thinks no one is looking. He is quite discreet, lol.

Bless that man ;)

And thanks for a great blog