Hoping everyone has an amazing Halloween this year!

Hubby and I are going to be Kanye West and Taylor Swift - he is going to wear a tight t-shirt and sunglasses

(this is about as much costume as I can force on him and still get him out of the house)

carry a microphone and be rude.

I'm going to wear a long dress (if I can dig one up), carry an award (soccer trophy actually) and look confused.

(in other words no big stretches for either of us this year)

My daughter is going to be a Price is Right contestant.

(with a guess of $701.00 - you know the annoying contestant who always guesses $1.00 over the last guesser)

She has had a Price is Right obsession for years.

Hoping to post pics- we'll see how that goes!



x said...

Awesome costume ideas, lol!

CreaShines said...

HAHAHAHA! Wow! As if Etsy hero wasn't enough, now you're a Halloween costume hero as well!

How fun!

The craziest thing I ever did was dress up like a giant Morton Salt container (complete with the metal dispenser that grinds your soul when you open it) and my best friend dressed up like a Duracell battery. We were "Assault & Battery"...wore it to our NAVY Halloween costume party and won 1st place!

You and your hubby win first place in my book :D

Helen said...

Love the pumpkins! We are about to attack ours for our 4 year old to put in the window and these look great, like the carrot ears! Happy Halloween, I'm sure you're going to have fun!

T.Allen said...

Lurve your pumpkins! I can't wait to see the costumes, Kanye and Taylor is a grand idea!

becca.elpy said...

the pumpkins= awesome!
and totally, go yankees!

i admit, i only recently grasp the concept of the price is right. for some reason, it just didn't click.

Stay Tuned said...

That is funny, Taylor Swift and Kayne - i'm not even that far behind to know that story!!
guess what i dressed as ALL day yesterday - girl in her jammies going to bed! How's that for innovating!! Hope you had fun! love you, laura xxoo

CathyH said...

wow! Good luck to your daughter!