Some Saturday Morning Sass

Heading out for a morning of flea markets and lawn mowing (if the weather holds out here), but first wanted to post a few amazing finds to give our weekend a little inspiration.

Like these amazing paper installations of Charles Clary, a truly versatile room divider- how cool is this by Loris and Livia , I LOVE this urban jewelry by Liesbet Bussche- isn't everything (almost) more interesting either huge or teeny tiny, Hilary Cosgrove's beautiful alphabet pillows made from recycled suits, much more fun than peeling beer bottle stickers are these cool drink and stick wine labels by Some Young Punks (I think I know these guys)

Rebecca's amazing vintage shop finds at The Vintage Closet- those moccasins are just too awesome, the recycled hanger hangers of Jade Barnes-Richardson and the gorgeous photography of Tali Shiffer (and she's got a locket!).


Unknown said...

Those are all great finds! I particularly love the room divider and giant earrings. I'd buy the earrings for my yard, lol.

Artsnark said...

fun finds :D

Anonymous said...

Such great finds my friend! I love those Topography like paper installations by Charles Clary! and those earring sculptures are just brilliant!
Oh, and what a great surprise to see my images included too! Glad you like it :)

miss twinkletoes said...

Great Blog! Love all your support for Etsy!I have a new shop too - please check it out if you have a moment! Thanks!

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Just wanted to drop bye and say HI - Thanks for following my blog!
Have a lovely day! Love your blog btw~

~ Kelly~