ECO Geek Tips for Blog Action Day

Every October 15th is Blog Action Day for Climate Change.

Concerned bloggers are asked to post about climate change (and what we can be doing) and give a shout out to October 24th and 350.

This year I'm going to focus on going eco for geeks with 5 quick tips:

1. Turn off your computer- this could have a huge impact.

(turn the computer off when you go to bed at night)

2. Use eco-friendly light bulbs

(they make them for everything now)

3. Use Blackle

(Based on the theory that a black Google could save 750 Megawatt-hours a year, Blackle is just that)

4. Pay your bills online

5. Ditch your screensaver

(Screensavers were initially created to add life to the monitor by keeping phosphors from burning images into your idle monitor. Modern computers don't have these problems and screensavers still use power and can even keep your computer from going into a fully saving power mode)

and if you share a cubicle with someone who has those tacky tropical fish swimming across their screen or endless family pictures of their little angel's last birthday party - this may be a good tip to bring up at your next office meeting

(you will then owe me one .... and I prefer chocolate .... or cash)

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Anonymous said...

We use the eco-friendly bulbs and pay our bills online. Interesting about the screensavers...and never heard of Blackie but will check it out.

I read about a lady who uses the cold water (that initially comes out of the faucet during cold weather months) to water her plants. Waste not want not right!