Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 4th - change of perspective, powerful new beginnings

a change of perspective by kuschelirmel

We begin the week with a balsamic Pisces Moon - a time for wrap ups and endings. Neptune is in Pisces making Pisces Moons especially good times for creativity, artistic expression, a time to work with whatever or whoever has been 'put on the back burner' or hidden out of sight.

(here is an old post of mine about Balsamic Moons on Jess's blog)

Pisces Moons are healing Moons so even though it's Monday - it's a good time for rest, recovery and releasing addictions.

Neptune says, "going to work is escaping from going to the beach, so why not just go to the beach!". Allow yourself some time to 'stare out the window' today.

This Moon has a tricky angle to Mars - we will have to work with our intuition (Neptune) and channel the Aries Sun (warrior energy) if someone tries to take over and push us around. We don't want to allow ourselves to be pressured into something now.  

Tuesday is a busy day and we will feel a real push - as we build toward this week's New Moon - to get something started (Moon is void all day so not the best time to launch something new, practiced routine work is best) with both Mercury and Venus changing signs. See my post about Venus HERE.

Venus in Aries will make it easier to know what we want (and don't want) and where we stand with other people. People will love this and hate that, there will be no middle ground. It will also make us more impatient with relationship and money problems and may bring them bubbling to the surface. 

Mercury in Taurus, after our time mentally dealing with Aries hotheaded impulsive nature will allow us more time to think things through and use common sense.

Our minds will be more grounded here and our thoughts will turn toward the Taurus realm - the things we value, money and getting outside in nature! It is spring isn't it?! It's hard to tell here. Due to Mercury's upcoming retrograde he will he hanging out in Taurus until mid-June - this is a very long time for Mercury to spend in one sign since he moves so quickly - what space houses Taurus in your natal chart? - lots of communications, re-do's (there is a retrograde coming!) and focus there.

We are working through a mutable t-square (where is Gemini in your chart, look first for the answer there with any problems that are popping up now and I am just realizing if your birthday falls from March through August this transit will impact your next 12 months so we will talk about it in more detail later) and a re-connection with the Uranus/Pluto square we worked through the past couple years - this stuff will definitely be playing out on the collective (world) stage as well as in our own lives. 

Tuesday is also a trigger date for last month's eclipse so if nothing happened for us in March (karmic turning point) we could see something this week or something that was set up then, hits, ends or is brought out into the open now.

We saw last week's astrology - secrets revealed, unexpected news, fallout  - play out in major ways around the world. A secret bank account scandal involving thousands including Russia's Putin (is he actually the richest man in the world?), a bribery scandal involving major banks that fuels terrorism, global unrest and poverty, proof that fracking causes earthquakes, Trump saying out loud (women who have abortions, ie don't do what they are told, should be punished) what has been bubbling underneath for years, Clinton losing her cool with a voter's question and bringing a whole heap of new questions down on herself.

In my world, I got an unexpected call from a family member I was visiting recently that one of the kids was sent home from school with head lice. This was the kid who had decided her Aunt Cathy was "cool" enough to hang out with this trip - no doubt my thorough knowledge of Minecraft and suitcase stuffed with craft supplies and Entenmann's coffee cake played a key role in my sudden popularity. We even watched TV with our heads on the same pillow ..... (!). You can imagine my week took an expected turn after that.

Anyhoo, on Thursday we have a New Moon in Aries - Uranus is with this Moon so think BIG CHANGE with this one - there is also a trine to a retrograde Saturn that might realign what we thought was a done deal and will at least have us relooking at previously made obligations, priorities and commitments - it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings and guess what ... she ain't singin' ....

I'll post about the New Moon in a couple days! Lots of volatility this week, lots of fire, we'll need to keep a cool head and hopefully the forces in the larger world will keep theirs, too ....

xo all

(Void Moons all day Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!)

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