Full Moon in Scorpio | honest and uncomfortable

the moon by laura makabresku

We have a Full Moon every month when the Sun and the Moon oppose each other. It offers us two different (and opposite) energies to work with; the energy of the sign the Moon is in and the energy of the sign the Sun is in. With our Sun now in Taurus, we know the Full Moon will be in Taurus's polarity (opposite) sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio, in the northern hemisphere, rules late autumn. The wind is blowing the leaves from the trees, the landscape is becoming barren, death is expected - there is a sense of being cut off, a sense we are on our own. Scorpio energy has no fear of the dark.

Taurus, in the northern hemisphere, rules late spring. The world is fertile. Taurus energy seeks the light. Both signs are fixed and want what they want.

(one energy isn't "good" and the other "bad" - neither could exist without the other - they are really two sides of the same coin)

Sooo, we have this polarity

(and yes, I hope you have this Polarity, too- warning shameless plug ahead - have you seen my lockets?)

Scorpio is beckoning to us, "come over to the dark side" and not because there are cookies

(although there might be and I hope for both our sakes they are Girl Scout Thin Mints)

but because there is treasure hidden deep in the Scorpion realms if we are brave enough to seek it, and yes, the treasure might be guarded by Zombies or Saviors or Negan wielding his barb wire covered bat Lucille (and if you do not watch the Walking Dead and have no idea what I am talking about - well, imagine the treasure guarded by that giant 3 headed dog at Hogwarts).

Scorpio energy embraces complication and obstacles.

Taurus is equally adamant that we should, "stay where we are - it's comfortable and working out just fine".

Of course there could be a life that is better than "fine" if we are willing to take those steps in the dark to find it. But maybe not.

(there are no guarantees with any of this stuff folks - that's life on planet Earth)

Taurus energy embraces peace and comfort.

With Scorpio we have the shadow of control and jealousy and the taking on of too much that can fuel greed. With Taurus; stubborn resistance to change and resistance to anything that is complicated - an attachment to the familiar that is also greed.

There are no right or wrong answers here.

This Full Moon is an excellent time for release and this one could be a time to think about and maybe meditate on 'greed' and what we are willing to do (and not do) to get (or keep) what we want.

Maybe something will come to light for us with this polarity - what do we need to be comfortable? Comfort might include wealth but wealth can also mean discomfort if it demands too much of our attention and energy in exchange.

The Sun in Taurus craves simplicity - see what obstacles the Scorpio Full Moon reveals in our life that are blocking our comfort or what potentials it throws a light on for something more complicated - the next steps are up to us!

Full Moons are also the culmination of cycles.

In this case, tonight's Moon brings to 'fullness' or completion something started at the New Moon two weeks ago and something began last November at the Scorpio New Moon.

The Full Moon works like a spotlight to illuminate some space in our life. Sometimes something happens - most likely an ending. Sometimes the light shows us something that was hidden or something we didn't want to look at or didn't want others to see. Sometimes the Full Moon brings to light an imbalance between the two parts of our life the Sun and Moon are impacting.

Tonight's Full Moon at 2 degrees Scorpio will be intense. Known as the 'pink moon' it will be 30,000 miles farther from the Earth than the closest Full Moon this year (the Taurus Full Moon in November). It will be pretty much unaspected by other planets and not watered down by other energies. If you have natal or progressed planets from 0 to 4 degrees in the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) you will most especially feel this one.

Remember this year's major themes. We've got Saturn in Sagittarius making us walk our talk now. If we truly believe that love is all there is and the way we move past fear and conflict then we must take actions and create real world things that support these beliefs, even when those actions are uncomfortable or 'foreign' to us. We've got Jupiter wedged into Virgo so we expand through small, measured steps, attention to detail and service to others. We have Pisces very strong in Neptune creating shifting sands, illusion, mystical opportunities for spiritual growth and myriad opportunities for earthly escape. We have Uranus in Aries (war, chaos, sudden change, opportunity, anger, rebellion). We have Pluto in Capricorn dismantling our crumbling authority. We have a Mutable T-Square throughout this summer (mostly impacting Geminis, Virgos, Sagittarius and Pisces) setting some very beneficial things into motion by way of a creative challenge - finding clarity about what we’re supposed to do, keeping the momentum in our own hands rather than giving it away or wasting it and taking on a newer or deeper sense of purpose. We have Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter retrograde about to be joined by Mercury.

Life is anything but simple these days - so enjoy any chance this month of Taurus, to enjoy comfort and simplicity!

As always get out and walk in the Full Moon - the energy is intense and always helps to shift any stagnant spaces we are carrying!

xo all

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