Mercury into Taurus | don't get stuck in the weeds

mi escondite by alberto poloianez

Mercury moves into earthy Taurus today. He will be direct until the end of the month when he stations retrograde, retraces his earlier steps moving backward (from our perspective) and then stations and begins to move direct (May 22nd) over the same area. Mercury will be in Taurus until June 13th.

Mercury is all about communication and the way we think and process information. Taurus is cautious and deliberate and all about security and material comfort. 

With Mercury hunkering down in Taurus for this extended stay, we can expect our ideas, conversations and communications to be evaluated on more practical terms now.

Stuff that doesn't have a clear track record, or stuff that is considered too risky, will be discarded. 

New ideas will be back-burnered for more tried and true methods.

People will be less flexible. Ideas will be more carefully assessed. Patience and proof will be required.

If we are looking for a commitment we can count on - this is very good energy. With Mercury in Taurus, our words, and the words of other people, will carry extra weight - promises will matter here. They will be harder to come by, but once made will be honored. Keep this in mind.

Delays will start to hit mid-month - when Mercury enters his shadow (the space he will be retracing). This can be frustrating if something feels 'ready to go' and gets slowed down, but retrogrades (if used to reassess, redo and realign) have a way of paying off later on.

Patience and the long game will be rewarded.

HOW TO USE THIS INFORMATION with your business.

If we are presenting something new to someone now it can be a good idea to use familiar language and comparisons. Know their minds (and decisions) will be seeking safety and security. People will more naturally want to go with what has worked before so figure out a way to factor that in. Solid numbers and examples will move things forward. Slow and steady might actually win the race this time.

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