Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 11th - approaching ....

behind the horizon by ankazhuravleva

We are approaching Mars and Pluto's upcoming retrogrades and this is the week they both station. Planets are particularly intense when they station (go motionless). Mars is the planet of action and anger, initiation and war. Pluto is the planet of transformation and karma, power, death and rebirth.

Imagine running our finger through a candle flame. If we do it quickly we feel a bit of warmth but nothing painful. If we do it slowly and especially if we stop over the flame - it will be hot and intense! Now imagine this is happening with our hottest and most intense planets!

A retrograde station can be frustrating. We are moving along and hit a roadblock or a rough patch of road. We have to slow down or stop what we doing. Maybe we need to change direction. If we keep moving, it is like driving with the brakes on.

Or, depending on the story we are working through right now - a retrograde station may help a stressful situation reach a resting place and give us some breathing room. We might feel a sense of release and relief - we can regroup now and figure out how to deal with the situation more effectively before our story moves forward later on.

On Monday, the Moon is in communicative Gemini. Lots of talks and news. Make those calls and send those emails before the Moon goes void around 3:00 EST. After that nothing will come of whatever we start, so let's get a jump on things.

On Tuesday, the Moon moves into nurturing Cancer. Our focus more naturally turns to home, family and what we need to feel 'secure'. The Moon's square indicates possible tension and frustrations here. We'll breathe through it.

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Venus trines (brakes off) Mars. Attraction meets action now. Whatever is going on with our Venus ruled - money, relationships and values - gets a green light or we take action that moves us forward.

On Wednesday we have the First Quarter Moon. Things started at the New Moon last week are presented with a challenge now. The Moon does its weekly clash with Uranus and Pluto - this means more power plays, rebellious actions, out of the blue news and disruptions with our plans and the status quo. The Cancer square from yesterday (home/family/security/mother challenge) gets more intense/exciting/shocking.

From Thursday until Sunday we have a Grand Trine in earth signs (Mercury in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn). There is opportunity and good fortune. With 'earth' rewards are solid things we can hold and use. They also last. Rebuilding our economic lives and restoring health to our bodies and environment can be our rewards. With Mercury in Taurus, our words will be impactful and influential (and maybe our fortune) under this influence.

Earth signs means the rewards come though hard work and effort so the spaces we have been diligent and applied effort and focus will get solid support from this trine (brakes off).

The fly in the ointment (yes, always in there somewhere) is Friday's inconjunct between Mercury and Saturn. This is probably not a giant horsefly though or one of those nasty, biting things that can ruin a great beach day. This is just Saturn being Saturn and bringing his straight laced and righteous self to the mix in the form of rules, time restraints or a reminder of our obligations.

More about the upcoming retrogrades later in the week.

xo all

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