Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of July 4th - starts and surprises

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OK, this week we are full steam ahead.

We kick off with a New Moon in nurturing and home/family oriented Cancer. See my New Moon post here.

This Moon has an opposition to Pluto and trines Neptune (in Pisces). Meanwhile Mercury (also in Cancer) is inconjunct Saturn (in Sagittarius).

I like a Cancer Moon (it's my natal Moon after all) even though this one, hanging out with a somewhat debilitated Mercury, feels a bit anxious. There could be some red tape or vague feelings we have forgotten something. Saturn is present to show us our limits and Neptune is present to show us other possibilities. 

It's up to us to not be looking backward and miss them.

Cancer season leaves all of us emotional (for some people this kind of collective overload results in an inability to feel anything). Since our emotions literally create our reality and future reality we want to stay checked in (hiding out occasionally is totally allowed, of course).

When too many people check out at once and we start to drift off-course life will often find bigger ways to bring us all together emotionally. We've got Mars (masculine war) inconjunct Eris (feminine war) and Uranus (anything can happen, rebellion) so there is continued potential for collective violence and the loss of prominent people. Big explosive news in the collective also means big explosive news in our individual lives ... keep this in mind.

On Tuesday, our New Moon home themes continue. The Moon moves into Leo in the afternoon and our focus expands to include love, fun, children and creativity.

On Wednesday, after a void Moon morning, the Sun and Mercury meet up in Cancer then the next day they both oppose Pluto (in Capricorn). This is a continuation of our New Moon Cancer story. Maybe a new conversation or communication comes in now.

We also have Venus (love, money, women) squaring Uranus (unexpected, rebellion, new) mid-week. We could have a breakthrough. Sudden events or unexpected urges could challenge relationships. Issues about freedom and independence could surface now.

Remember what we don't deal with inside we meet outside ourselves. If we are trying to resist some change or something new or exciting this could be a time our partner expresses this energy for us by doing something unexpected. This doesn't mean we want to have an affair so our partner has an affair. Maybe we are sick of our job and our partner quits theirs! Most likely it is something smaller and less impactful though. This transit can also make unusual people (and things) more attractive. I plan on introducing my own unusual things to a few new people on this day - that's a positive way to work with this energy. Not a good day to go shopping if you can't afford a few impulse purchases!

On Wednesday, the Moon is still in Leo and the last aspect it makes is a trine to Uranus - making this a good launch day for a new or revamped project!

Beginning Wednesday (thru the following Monday), we have a gentle Grand Water Trine forming. This is a fortunate transit. Trines remove stop signs and get things moving. We have Mars (direct!!) in Scorpio trining Chiron retrograde in Pisces and Venus cuddled up to Mercury in Cancer. This is action (Mars) and ideas and communication (Mercury) getting us what we want (Venus) and it's healing (Chiron) for all parties. This is great energy to create win-wins! With Mars setting the agenda we will need to take action - sometimes with trines things move so smoothly we don't really take full advantage. It's like having a beautiful day and we get busy and never go outside!

On Thursday the Leo Moon is void most of the day (good energy for practiced work and to get much done, not a good launch day) there could be an important talk or decision possibly involving a financial or 3rd party matter (this could also have happened yesterday) - whatever this is it continues to evolve the situation. With Uranus still square Venus some kind of curve ball could be thrown at us here. The core of whatever is happening is still Cancerian (or related to our natal Cancer house) - home, security, family, real estate, mom, country. It feels like we need to take whatever comes up seriously. We could also see legal, educational, foreign, political, travel or wedding stuff kicked up a notch here.

This same energy continues on Friday, but today our Moon is in Virgo and we have a nice aspect between Jupiter (luck, expansion) and Mercury (communications, ideas, siblings, neighborhood) so this is a good day to get lucky with whatever we are selling, writing, deciding or talking about. Remember Jupiter is still in Virgo - so focus will still be on day-to-day activities, paperwork, our health, our job, employees, pets and organization. If we work at home this can also impact our business. On Friday the Moon is in Virgo and the last aspect it makes is a sextile to Venus - making this another good launch day!

xo all

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