Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of July 25th - the stuff we are resisting

can you resist? by jno0on

This is a busy week. I may take a blog break next week. I have my sister and her family coming on Wednesday from Portland to stay for a week and might not have time to look at charts!

Mars is still moving thru the last degrees of Scorpio- his 3rd time across these same degrees! Mars is very powerful in Scorpio (he is the ancient ruler of this sign) - he has concentrated energy and amazing willpower here. He can also be rather vengeful. Much of the violence we have seen these past weeks probably has a revenge component. This is activated in all of us now. The cure for Mars is Mars. Mars doesn't let go of things (like Neptune) he smashes them to bits. Or just initiates something else. Time to turn that increased energy and amazing willpower over here.

The Democratic party would be smart not to mention Trump or anything Trump is doing at their convention this week (this will probably never happen!) - it's Leo season and they need to stay positive. Uranus is preparing to go retrograde - he is very strong now as he stations. If they had astrological guidance - they would talk about : the ways social programs create freedom (Uranus), human issues (not women's issues, etc - they can talk about the issues but avoid the labels - they are really all freedom issues, all in this together), creativity, fun (let's fix this thing creatively - Leo), avoid shouting matches (Mars/revenge), civility, small changes will get us there - ask not what your country can do for you, etc (Virgo North Node), values, values, values. I am not sure if the convention starts Monday or Tuesday - if Monday it should get off to a fiery start, just like the Republican convention did last week!

Monday's Moon in Aries means we can get a lot done. She squares Pluto so there could be some kind of scapegoat situation or power struggle or manipulation here. It's not a good day to pick a fight with an authority figure - it's a better day to be a team player. Don't be too impulsive. If something stressful can wait for Tuesday's calming Taurus Moon, maybe wait it out. If we need the energy to get something done today though it should be there!

By lunchtime Tuesday, the Moon will move into Taurus and we will want to relax, be comfortable, get outdoors. Our earnings and the things we love and value will come into focus.

On Wednesday we have the Moon (in Taurus) opposite Mars - what/who are we saying goodbye to? There could be competition here somewhere. Mercury (in Leo) trines (brakes off) Uranus (in Aries) - a communication or idea could open up a new opportunity or send us in a new direction. Late in the day an aspect with Venus could mean something with a woman or love or money or beauty doesn't work out quite as expected. Maybe not a good night for a new haircut!

On Thursday afternoon the Moon moves into Gemini. We are busy, people are chatty and focused on Gemini ruled communications, siblings, the local neighborhood or transportation.

On Friday the week shifts off in another direction as Uranus stations retrograde. Remember the power of a planet when stationing! Mercury squares Mars. We might be challenged or pushed to challenge ourselves. Shock. Surprise. Earthquakes (or whatever feels like an earthquake to us). Uranus in Aries is a definite player in the unpredictability and violence in the outer world events this year. This is great energy for an argument. Or an anxiety attack. Or for some out 'of the blue' information that creates tension or frustration or forces us to try something else.

If we encounter resistance now it is probably best to back off a bit. A retrograde Uranus will require us to re-view where we've been resisting change. If we have been delaying a necessary adjustment it will become clear to us between now and the very end of December when Uranus moves direct. It could be best to prepare emotionally and internally for changes now and then make the actual changes next year if possible. With Uranus retrograde the situation will not be a new one - it will be something we have been avoiding dealing with; probably something having to do with Uranus's favorite word - freedom.

Stuff that gets delayed now, can come back around when Uranus moves direct at the very end of December.

On Saturday, Mercury (information, communication) enters Virgo (precision, caution, exactness) - Mercury will go retrograde during this transit so prepare for a long visit (thru early October)  - we will have plenty of time to get out t's crossed and i's dotted. More on this next post. It's good to remember that's it's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives - it's what we do consistently.

Remember we are in prime Leo season this week - fun, creativity, romance, children - whatever makes us stand out and makes our hearts sing is what the world needs from us now and should be top priority! With the Sun in Leo it's all about "me" for all of us. I have a bunch of house guests coming and am happy to have this get-together in Leo season (fun, creativity, children, passion) but also know everyone will want to do what they want to do and need some center stage! xo all

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DancingMooney said...

Enjoy your visit with family Cat! Hope their travels are safe & easy, and the weather is lovely too! :) Sometimes no plans are the best plans for visits like that. ;)