Mercury and the Nodes | maybe just a quick glance ...

glance by meyrembulucek

Today, Mercury (in Cancer) trines (brakes off) our Pisces South Node (what we are releasing) and makes a comfy sextile (opportunities) to our Virgo North Node (where we are heading).

Since Virgo rules Mercury this one is worth thinking about.

Maybe there is some connection to the past with whatever information comes in now to move us ahead. I know I said don't look back which is why I'm posting this little post - this isn't so much a look back as something from the past creating an understanding or opportunity for us now? or maybe it is a look back, this stuff is tricky people, don't hate me. There is quite a bit going on today in the skies.

This is probably more like something from the past bringing something to light because the Sun hooks up with Mercury tomorrow maybe shining a light on information or a conversation or communication or idea we need. Or some info with a link to the past shining a light on us.

Anyhoo, this might be a small thing, but for some it might be mucho important so although we are moving ahead now, Cancer season always prompts a bit of nostalgia, and something comfortable and easy (trines and sextiles are smooth sailing) connected to our past could ease us into our future now.

Today is a 'go-for-it' day anyway, so whatcha' waiting for? xo all

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DancingMooney said...

Well I did something unexpected yesterday. It came to me the same as soap did, like I just woke up and decided it was time to let it go... I deleted all the jewelry from my shop. I now have 14 items in it. Kind of freaky, but I'm excited to rebuild, move forward. It's always been so hard for me to pick something, when it comes to making for a business, because I love to do all kinds of things!!... so I am shifting to supplies and am excited to focus more on inspiration kits and such and such. Celebrate life, and everyday living. Flowers, garlands... unfinished wood things, like bird houses (next spring maybe! :)... nature.

Anyways. :)

Definitely a shift in things lately, that's for sure. But I feel good about it. I know it will be a lot of work, but I am ready!

(also I am just throwing this out there, to the universe... I am ready. ♥)