Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of July 11th - claiming our passion

my pet rock by alyanna

Feeling much better. I watch Sully every Wednesday and he was sick last week with a headache and fever. I must have caught something - wicked sore throat, mild fever and headache. I did a few sinus infection massages (so grateful for youtube!) and diffused some peppermint oil and slept.

Last week with Mars back over that Eris/Uranus point we had unexpected violence and chaos. He's finished with Eris but is still inconjunct Uranus so I am sorry to say this potential continues. Mars has basically been sitting on the same space for a month! Caution is required.

This week we also start to move from Cancer season into fiery LEO!

Our Venus ruled love, money and values and our Mercury ruled communication and ideas will be more focused on Leo's desire for fun, creative expression, romance, celebration and a desire to feel special and to stand out!

There could be a communication or conversation or a woman that helps us to 'stand out' or shows us something that stands out or is somehow better this week.

Our Leo natal house begins to wake up.

Cobwebs are quickly shaken out and we are ready for action. Our Leo natal house is the area of life we are meant to 'shine' and have the spotlight.

With Venus here since Monday we can more easily attract what we need to make this happen!

Leo is about passion and love, drama and creativity, generosity and greed.

Leo season feels like this - imagine you paint a picture and you hang it on your livingroom wall. You are scared and nervous about people seeing it, but at the same time you want people to see it. So finally one day someone is at your house admiring it and you say, "I painted that."

Of course, immediately everyone is looking at you differently and you are breaking out in a cold sweat and wishing for a diversion

(where's that crying baby, emergency broadcasting system signal or poster of a shirtless George Clooney when you need it?)

but a very necessary part of owning our Leo is claiming our passion, claiming our creativity - "I painted that."

Now, your Leo house may not be about painting and it might be something you can't really hang on your wall, but embracing the passion here is how we make our soul (Leo is ruled by the Sun) visible to other people.

Anyhoo, I have to get a few orders out and return a few emails. The only void Moon this week during work hours is later this afternoon, so after today it's all systems go. There is also a theme this week of assessing things for the future. We start thinking about what we are doing in terms of its future potential - how to make it into more. Leo is all about more.

Basically, if you are thinking should I take action or should I wait - with most things this is a time of action and a time to show up!

Back tomorrow with Venus and Mercury into Leo! xo all


DancingMooney said...

Glad you are feeling better Cat. xo!

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks Janell! xo

stregata said...

Also glad to hear you are feeling better - yay! xo

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks Renate - I still need to look at your Mars transit! xo