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calm down by cavecanem42

Alot has happened since I signed off for a blogging break last week!

We had a New Moon in Leo on Tuesday - fire sign New Moons (and the two weeks that follow avoiding void moons) are excellent times to initiate something NEW.

Starting now - especially with a blank sheet of paper and an open heart - enable the energies at play to work with us. 

Imagine the Gods and Goddesses rubbing their hands together excitedly, "OH, YES! NOW we've got a PROJECT!".

This is a great time for a NEW START (or revised start; new to you totally works here

regarding what we are known for, our creative work and what we value and are prideful of. 

Mars finally trucked his butt out of Scorpio and entered Sagittarius on Tuesday. I think we can all breathe a little sigh of relief that Mars is out of Scorpio. We are still traveling a path we have walked before - he doesn't hit new ground for a couple weeks. Maybe something we put on hold or started in early March reactivates or concludes now. With Mars in the murky waters of Scorpio we were all looking at our fears, phobias and re-walking the ground Saturn covered a few years back. In Sagittarius we are ready to take actions toward our future (more on this next week)!

Yesterday, Venus (love, money, values, women) moved into Virgo (kicking off Virgo season as we start to release the need for so much Leo drama - things calm down a bit).

Virgo Suns and ascendants get more attractive (physically attractive and also more able to attract). It gets easier for our Virgo natal house to attract what we need. Relationships (Venus) get more picky (Virgo). We get more analytical about summer romances (with people and things). Situations, things and people that seemed so wonderful in the sunny days of Venus in "I want it all" Leo, may no longer feel quite up to snuff. We no longer want it all, now we want the right things and people. Flaws (real and imagined) get easier to spot. 

Virgo's razor sharp analysis will draw our attention to what isn't working with our Venus ruled relationships and our money.

At its core Virgo is about purity (there is a reason the archetype gets its name from the word virgin). It's how we get to this state of purity that is tricky. Venus in Virgo can be the most beautiful (Venus rules nature after all). Imagine a summer sunset or standing at the ocean or sitting by a gorgeous lake. Now imagine the guy next to us starts to cough. Then he coughs again. Then all we can notice is that his cough is ruining our view. Of course, our view hasn't really changed at all - our attention just gets drawn to what isn't working.

With Venus in Virgo our attention can be drawn to what isn't working, what we don't want or the fact that someone else doesn't want us. It is our job with this energy to determine what is real here. Are we picking something/someone/ourselves apart? Do we believe we can't have what we want? Are we ignoring our own problems and trying to fix someone else? Are we unorganized with our money? Are we using perfection as a way to avoid ever finishing and being judged? We'll talk about this more next week.

xo all - will post this weekend about my family reunion!

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