Full Moon in Aquarius | August 18th - freedom, self-expression and individuality, something's gotta change

in your atmosphere by sara linn

On Thursday, we have a Full Moon in Aquarius. There is more information on it in the weekly forecast HERE. Full Moon are always oppositions. The Sun and the Moon are on opposite sides of the earth or more precisely the ecliptic longitudes of the Sun and Moon are 180 degrees apart.

The Sun is in the sign of Leo (25 degrees). The Moon is in Aquarius (Leo's polarity sign at 25 degrees). Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs - they stick with things. They are dependable.

Leo is represented by the lion. A lion is a cat. If you live with a cat you have some idea of what this 'king of the beasts' thing is all about. It becomes the cat's house. You become the cat's human. Cats rule. The male lion doesn't just get to mate with his choice of lioness. He gets all the lionesses.

(and now I am picturing a whole lineup of that little guy from Peanuts dragging his blanket)

Leo represents royalty and generosity and fun and creativity and greed. The shadow of the Leo archetype is a kind of arrogance or self-importance, but what you will find with most Leos is that they have a presence - they impress us.

It is hard to see when a Leo is not OK and needs help because they unconsciously give us a feeling that they can handle anything. So, when Leo energy (and this can be a Leo Sun or ascendant or anyone speaking from the space we carry Leo in our natal charts, ie if you have Leo in the 7th house and are talking about your partner or if you have Leo in the 2nd house and are talking about your money) is asked, "how's it going?" and Leo energy says "not great, actually I am barely hanging in there" - the other person, instead of asking "why, what's going on?" would be more likely to laugh it off and say something like "me, too" and launch into their own story. It's hard for other people to relate to Leo as "one of us". There is a reason the king of the jungle is the king of the jungle. There is dignity here.

Leo rules the space we are meant to shine through self expression, so yes the energy needs a lot of attention and needs to feel special and, yes, it cares what other people think. Because there is a need to leave a legacy here, things can get overblown. Leo has trouble with 'humble' (hence this energy leads us to the next sign the 'humble' Virgo). Leo is ruled by the Sun and must shine (the Pluto in Leo generation was called the Me Generation, pretty appropriately). It is attached and emotionally reactive.

Aquarius energy is the opposite side of the same coin. It's the energy of "we". It is detached (this doesn't mean unaware or involved) and emotionally non-reactive - note I mean the energy and not all Aquarians, no one is just one thing! It doesn't need to feel special because it already knows it is special. It knows everyone is special. Ruled by Uranus it is the sign of the genius, rebel and criminal. The Aquarius space in our chart is where things will work best by being 'outside the box'. It is unpredictable. Aquarius doesn't do humble either. It's hard for other people to relate to Aquarius as "one of us", too.

So, we have this opposition at any Aquarius Full Moon this me/we energy - this heart/head energy.

And Thursday's Full Moon is even more powerful and very complex.

Besides the opposition we have a Yod (called a finger of God; ie fate, cosmic course correction) which is an isosceles triangle in the sky. We have the Aquarius Moon sextiling Uranus (retrograde) at 24 degrees Aries and the Moon and Uranus are inconjunct Jupiter, in Virgo, at 25 degrees and Mercury at 23 degrees.

With Uranus (Aquarius ruler) sextiling the Moon (in Aquarius!) - we know this Moon will have the fingerprint of Uranus - freedom, liberation, unpredictability -there is something chaotic and unexpected here. With the cosmic course correction (Yod) pointing to Jupiter (and Mercury) in Virgo we know the way through this, and the overblown information and ideas that may be brought forth, is with careful consideration, attention to details, attention to our health and a focus on being of service to others.

Virgo will help us ground this electric energy (be cautious with machinery, computers, fire, stored data - anything that can spark including our temper).

With Uranus ruling this Full Moon from its retrograde position we might find someone from our past resurfacing -

this could also be a familiar ego or archetype energy in the form of a new or unexpected person or situation, with a resonance to something from the past. 

This would be something we need to release or reclaim that has to do with the Full Moon's themes of self-expression, freedom and individuality. 

This could relate to change we are resisting or some responsibility we are resisting. This could be about releasing something our ego has self-identified with that needs to go before our new chapter kicks off (Mars/Saturn) next week.

Within the energy of unpredictability and change Aquarius offers the space to step back and look at things dispassionately - to step outside our own drama.

With Jupiter conjunct Mercury information could be overblown. There could also be 'words of wisdom' now.

Let's slow down and take our time here. We might want to leap and there is certainly support for leaping, but with that Yod pointing to Virgo and opposing Chiron (wounded healer in compassionate Pisces) it feels more like a birth from an ending - something fated that needs to happen. Right after this Full Moon we get another mutable t-square. The mutable signs (and people with planets in mutable signs) have had a hell of a year and it's not over.

We are headed into a very heavy duty eclipse season where some very important things are going to be brought to light and some very important actions will be taken. We won't be the same people in October that we are now (particularly the mutable signs) - this Moon is just one of the steps to getting us all there ....

As always get out and walk in it - definitely start tonight as it builds - don't worry if you can't see it, it's there. This is an air Moon so a good time to get a head cold - take precautions. An Aquarius Full Moon could make us (and others) a bit out of touch with our emotions. Keep this in mind. The gift of emotional detachment is the ability to see things from another perspective .....

Anyhoo, check your Sun and Rising sign below (if you know your Aquarius house check the house number for best accuracy) to see where any abrupt, unexpected change (or something from the past that hasn't been energetically resolved) would be most likely to show up:

ARIES (11th house) friends and associates, groups you connect with, a secret goal gets reactivated
TAURUS (10th house) career, reputation in the world, father
GEMINI (9th house) travel to somewhere you have been before or picking up where you left off with some course of study, foreigners, wedding, publishing, marketing
CANCER (8th house) something hidden or taboo, other people's money, divorce, reproduction, taxes
LEO  (7th house) equal partnerships, marriage, something reflected through another person
VIRGO (6th house) health, day to day work, maybe a new work opportunity or a past opportunity resurfaces, your daily routine shifts
LIBRA (5th house) romance, children, creativity, gambling
SCORPIO (4th house) change in home or family, visit from someone unexpected, sudden news regarding your home, be especially careful with fire in the house, mother
SAG (3rd house) changes in the way you think about things or the way you communicate, siblings, your transportation, local neighborhood
CAPRICORN (2nd house) - your values, your money, the things money can and can't buy
AQUARIUS (1st house)  all about you, move something forward in a new radical way or release it
PISCES (12th house) something hidden revealed, some wound from the past, something to do with hospitals or prisons or something that has been 'put away', deep changes here

xo all

I'm going to do a post tomorrow or Friday about the big picture next few weeks  in terms of world events.

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