question everything ....

everytime I breathe by princess of shadows
With mental Mercury (in Virgo) opposing dreamy Neptune (in Pisces) it is probably best to take a second look at any ideas/communications presented to us now.

Words can be exaggerated or untruthful. It will be easy to connect higher meanings to things than what is factual or intended.

Things could clear up tomorrow when Mercury hooks up with the North Node (our collective way forward).

Saturn (after his lengthy retrograde and preparing to go direct in Sagittarius) is stopped in the sky.

Maybe something in our Sagittarius house or with something Sagittarius rules - religion, politics, long distance travel, higher education. media, weddings, foreigners, legal issues - has come to a stop, too. We could feel a push to make a decision or make a move, but we're not quite there yet.

If the stuff we stepped away from in March (or have been going back over since March) didn't move back front and center or end to make room for a next step, when Mars went direct a few days ago, it likely will by this time next week (for me, it's those taxes we filed an extension for - ugh). We're all about to get our focus back. xo all

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