daddy's home | Saturn Moves Direct August 13th

dad by pete barker

Here is a link to my post when Saturn went retrograde at the end of March.

On Saturday, Dad (Saturn) is back from vacation. Have we been goofing off? Staying out late? Run up the electric bill? Worn out his favorite chair or left his tools out in the rain to rust?

With Saturn back in direct motion by next week - we might find ourselves having to confront tougher deadlines, stricter limits or road blocks. We could be up against "external authority" and "time" restraints in some way. Whatever we've been going over since very late March or early April when Saturn began to backtrack over 16-9 degrees Sagittarius (what house(s) does this hit in your natal/progressed charts?) can begin to move forward now. We will still be covering old ground here until November though.

He'll immediately square Venus in Virgo. We will have to adjust our approach to what we want. Something is ready for our renewed effort and attention now. What is it?

While Saturn was retrograde we fed ourselves on power that came from the past - maybe strong personal values (what did Dad teach us by his presence or lack of presence, by his examples good or bad), deep instincts or the qualities of ancient heroes and heroines or our ancestors. This was maybe potent nourishment or it wasn't and we felt weaker, but either way, the question now is how this will find a place in our life going forward.

If we keep trying to shape our world to fit something in the past (the good old days that only existed in our heads because we were asleep) we will certainly fail.

These are uncomfortable times - we are almost certainly better off hooking our coattails to what is in flux than anything covered in mothballs. 

All this Virgo is showing us we have to face our fear of imperfection; of being rejected. We can't stay comfortable anymore. It's better to allow the ancient story to be complete in itself. Its own chapter. Its own story. We don't really wish our grown children to be babies again, do we? We can let the old chapter be a source of strength and then get on with the business at hand.

We have a brand new chapter kicking off when Saturn meets up with Mars later in the month and damn it will be a doozy - the kind of chapter people will sneak ahead to read and want to re-read later when the book is finished!

As we move into Virgo season, we will accomplish more when we let go of the need for achievements and recognition this doesn't mean we won't have these things only that we can't need them if our true goal is peace and happiness.

We could simply move through life by doing what works then changing course when it stops working.The problem is we don't let go of what isn't working - remember our bodies crave what is familiar over what is good. We could waste this push forward in struggle or we could just move another way in constancy.

We'll move with an open heart and yes this will be tricky with Venus in Virgo wanting to dot I's and cross T's but it's the only way we ever really get anywhere anyway ...

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