Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of August 8th - the eye of the summer storm ....

summer eye by lorency

We have the first quarter Moon on Wednesday - this is considered the 'crisis' phase, when whatever was kicked off at the New Moon meets its first challenges. Are we ready?! This is another busy week although with Saturn sitting still in the sky it will be a little like driving with the brakes on! Stay focused. We need to get organized before he meets up with Mars in a couple weeks and we head into our next chapter.

On Monday, the Moon is in peaceful and balanced Libra. We can see the other person's point of view now, but decisions will be harder to make - partly because we can see the other person's point of view and also because we don't want to piss anyone off. With Mercury opposing Neptune our thinking will be fuzzy (maybe even depressed, careless or deluded) and it's not a good time to make an important decision anyway. The Moon opposes freedom loving, unpredictable Uranus. Something out of the blue, exciting or surprising could send us off the rails. Expect the unexpected. Something could end. The Moon goes void at 1:44 pm EST.

On Tuesday, the Moon moves into murky Scorpio - a good day for diving deep. Superficial fluffy conversations won't cut it now. This is a good day to deal with Scorpio stuff - taxes, other people's money, loans, sex and reproduction. This is a good day to do research into something from the past or to toss stuff we no longer need. If we have to step into our power and confront something - this can be good energy for that - we just need to avoid some of the Scorpio pitfalls like manipulation, jealousy or moodiness. Our instincts and ability to get to the bottom of things will be useful.

On Wednesday, Mercury (in Virgo) trines (brakes off) Pluto (in Capricorn). This is excellent manifestation energy - words are powerful with this transit. If you need to have a conversation or pitch something to someone in power - this is the day to do it. Conversations and communications with authority figures can really move things forward now. Mercury enters the shadow of his approaching retrograde (the degrees he will walk three times) - so pay attention to what is happening now, especially if any Mercury ruled stuff gets wonky (communications, transportation, computers, siblings, neighborhood) - we will be dealing with it for a while.

On Thursday afternoon, the Moon is in Sagittarius giving us the energy to deal with any religious, politics, long distance travel, writing, higher education. media, weddings, foreigners or legal issues. We are really starting to amp up for Saturn's direct movement in Sagittarius on Saturday - tempers could flare a bit here. Remember the stationing planet/candle analogy. Don't overdo it. The Moon is void until 1:24pm EST.

On Friday, Jupiter (in Virgo) makes his 3rd (and final!) opposition to Chiron (the wounded healer). The first opposition was back in November. The second was in February. Jupiter (expansion) clashing with the space of our unhealed/unhealable wounding is a mixed blessing at best. Maybe something gets bigger so we can finally see it or are forced to do something about it. There is something here about teaching us about the nature of our pain and hurt - this may or may not be a physical thing, but its roots are deeper than the physical symptoms.

On Saturday, Saturn moves direct. He will be moving 100 miles an hour (the rest of the year is going to fly by folks). Authority gets green lighted. It's still in the Mutable T-Square so far from smooth sailing. We've gotten used to this though. The key to this week may be to do what we can when we can. We won't expect any great rewards (although some will certainly be handed out - it is  Olympic week after all!). We'll take moderate chances but not risks. We'll have a suitcase full of Virgo planets as we head into eclipse season when anything can happen! It's not the worst thing we could carry with us. I'll write an overview post later this week about where we stand in the world.

xo all

I got two emails with similar themes while I wasn't posting from people feeling like they were in an "abyss". Mars has moved out of Scorpio. The abyss really is behind us. Sometimes waiting is necessary but we don't have to wait in a cramped pit! If we feel like we must have things under control before making a move, remember that sitting in the dark makes us vulnerable (depression and confusion and negativity can sneak up on us).

If we don't expect to make progress, we won't.

If we sit in the dark too long we start to lose sight of the world beyond the abyss. Sometimes we have to do whatever it takes to change our state - to not let our current experience define us.

How can we see anything from its true perspective when we are sitting in a hole?

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