Sun trine Uranus | Venus on the North Node - getting noticed by doing our own thing

miss kI by thephotogenesis
Today the Sun, in Leo, trines (brakes off) Uranus, in Aries.

This is a good day to put an innovative spin on something or step into the spotlight in some unusual way.

Leo is the space in our chart (what house is home to Leo in your natal and progressed charts?) where we embrace our passion and make ourselves visible to other people (Leo's polarity space of Aquarius). What looks like is just for us is really for everyone.

Now is a good time to claim our passion; claim our creativity in a new way. It's never too late to begin again! New opportunities and breakthroughs can happen now. If you have the opportunity to show a different side of yourself - take it.

Leo, and the Sun, rule our 5th house of creativity, romance, children, joy, games - it's the house of pleasure - a shake-up in any of these areas (and/or our Leo natal and progressed houses) is possible now - doing something different is the key to making the house of pleasure pleasurable.

Venus, hanging out on the North Node of Fate, is making us very attractive to our best future. She is pulling us toward our greatest and most beautiful good. Can you feel her? xo all

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