knowledge is power ....

magnifier by nuno canha

Today's first quarter Moon (in Scorpio) puts whatever was started at the New Moon to its first tests. Maybe we are learning something now to help us choose a different/better/simpler way forward.

With Mercury (in Virgo) trine (brakes off) Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn) - knowledge is power. Details are powerful, too, and carry the seeds of our success or failure. Look closely and carefully. 

Good energy for making important plans - a conversation or communication (Mercury) with an authority figure or someone or situation holding power (Pluto) can move something forward in a big way.  

Excellent energy to present a well-thought out idea to powerful people.

Trines release restraints. If we have our foot on the brakes trying to keep some information from reaching someone in authority - this could be the transit (brakes off) that opens the flood gates. Trines can also help us deal with indecision by releasing cleanly all that doesn't belong in a particular situation.


lynn bowes said...

And here I am deep in the cavern of making decisions for my Medicare options . . . turning 65 is daunting for that one reason only. Learning something new, different way forward, details, care, indecision, power and moving forward. Make it quit. It's making me crazy and my brain is fogged over like I've been in my chill car all day and suddenly got out into the humidity. Glasses totally fogged. Insurance + government = fog

This video is me :

Catherine Ivins said...

OMG Lynn- that is hysterical! This is not the best week to make a decision - wait until Saturn moves direct. Right now the decision will feel too important. Plus all that Virgo action - you will probably make a good decision when you do make it though. Love the way you explain your foggy brain! You always have the best ways of describing Neptune! I am postponing all big decisions until after eclipse season - so October - probably won't work for your health insurance dilemma though ... I can feel your pain - have been doing taxes for the last 2 days ..

lynn bowes said...

Funny you should say that. I took my pile of Medicare stuff to Blue Cross Blue Shield office today and after I got all of the info I needed and questions answered, the guy said, 'Why don't you think about all of this and we talk again Monday?' How did he know . . .

Taxes. You must be nuts.

DancingMooney said...

I need to catch up on your posts! Been doing some organizing around here, and getting ready!!

Hope your family visit was lovely... now off to the garage to paint a few more things for Junk Refunk. Excited for the show, but will be glad when it's over so I can settle into a Fall/holidays groove over here. ;)


P.S. Lynn, I feel the same way when I sit down each year to purchase my health insurance plan (as they often change, and I have to pick a new plan every year)... insurance + government = fog. no doubt about that!