Astrology Forecast for Creatives | this weekend and a peek ahead into September

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On FRIDAY, we have Venus (in Libra) semi-square the Sun (in Virgo). If we had these planets semi-square in our natal chart we might find it hard to accept a compliment or take money for our services. We might continually short change ourselves. Or maybe our self-worth would get wrapped up in our bank account in other unhealthy ways. With Venus in the sign of relationships now and the Sun in the sign of the critic we might have to bite our tongue to avoid talking about the things we notice that said out loud could be more unkind than helpful. There is probably no such thing as constructive criticism.

The Moon is active. We have the Moon conjuncting Uranus disrupting our comfort zone then moving into a stabilizing trine with Saturn in the early A.M. which is good for taking action on things we want to last. The Moon (uber comfortable in Taurus) trines the Virgo Sun at 12:45PM EDT. This is opportunity for material gains and good energetics for business, negotiations with co-workers, progress with health issues, etc. We will do our Virgo. Play the hand we've been dealt. Focus on the little things. Do the thing that is right in front of us. The Moon will sextile Neptune in the evening, so a good movie/date night. Good for creativity, imagination, healing.

SATURDAY has an active Moon and is another mixed bag. Just being a Saturday should help!

By SUNDAY at 4:02AM EDT the Moon will move into Gemini focusing us on Gemini themes for the next couple days - information, communication, local issues, transportation issues, sibling issues. We will be busy, more chatty, better able to multi-task.

At 10:37PM EDT on Sunday we have the last quarter Moon of the month with the Gemini Moon squaring the Virgo Sun. We are likely overloaded with information by now, much of which we don't need. Virgo wants to cut to the chase and Gemini wants to check out every angle. It is time to be discerning. This speaks of a crisis of choice. The Virgo Sun advises us to choose what is most practical/realistic now. We might want to keep our options open, but that will just keep us stuck - for many situations it is time to choose (but not all, remember, I can't see your chart- use your own discernment). This is also the day Mercury exits his retrograde shadow - meaning he begins to travel new degrees. This summer's Mercury retrograde in Leo is behind us. Whatever we were supposed to learn we have learned. What we do with what we have learned is up to us.

Spending Sunday doing the weeklies means I never seem to have the time to look further than a few days ahead which really hampers these forecasts. I am not sure what to do about it!

Let's review a bit.

We had a Pisces Full Moon last weekend. It might have left us physically drained, especially in the early part of this week.

With a Pisces Full Moon something is released/drifts away/dissolves/culminates. We move into a new cycle leaving something behind us and we know what we need to carry into the new cycle by what has been lost if that makes any sense. We carry what we are left with. We dance with the one left on the dance floor. You get the idea.

The Grand Earth Trine (during the Full Moon) speaks of loss leading to gain - but maybe we can't see that part yet. Earth signs won't be rushed! Earth progress takes time. Earth represents real things - things we can see and touch. Baking a cake takes time. Growing a tomato takes time. Cakes don't bake if we keep opening the oven door. Seeds won't grow if we keep digging them up to check their progress. KNOW the space created by the loss creates a vacuum to be filled. Trust it.

This summer's eclipse season and retrograde cycles have put us through the wringer. For some people the resulting changes are visible things/visible losses/visible changes. For other people this stuff is more internal. Or I should say this stuff is internal for everyone and for some people there are external changes.

We are moving ahead now, but we want to take it slow.

Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow on SUNDAY. He is squaring Jupiter. So we want to RECEIVE the information (remember Jupiter is deep in Scorpio) and then be patient with what we do/say/think with it.

Mars is direct now (since Monday), but had been retrograde since the end of June and he has a few weeks before he leaves his shadow (starts covering totally new territory). He is now back to the degrees he covered around the middle of May (a big time astrologically because we also had Uranus move into Taurus at that time). There was likely something back then we were really wanting (where is 28 degrees Capricorn in your natal chart?). Then over the summer something shifted. This could have been something big or something small. But now Mars (as us) is back here again.

We have learned alot this summer. Goals changed. Soul contracts finished up. Where do we now stand with this thing we were wanting then? How do we move forward from this same space now that we have been re-booted?

By around September 6th Mars will be in full force and moving forward in Capricorn - where he is exalted. This is the day Saturn will station direct. We have been on a long, backward journey this summer. Now our thinking (Mercury) and actions (Mars) reach their logical conclusion. Saturn rules karma. And karma is really just cause and effect. We have consequences.

Maybe we meet a goal. Maybe a responsibility clobbers us in the head. Daddy's home.

On the same day Mercury finally leaves Leo and moves into Virgo where he will begin trining (brakes off) both Saturn - authority, stability, structure - and Uranus - change, revolution, freedom - for the next few days.

If a decision wasn't reached at that Quarter Moon - here is where our minds are finally made up - we are READY TO GET TO WORK.

Remember Mars is exalted (at his best) in Capricorn.

This is because hot-headed, fiery Mars gets the structure he needs to succeed within Saturn's limits and constraints. Limits are our friend now. We don't rush with Mars in Capricorn. We are grounded. We are determined. We can work alone or we can lead. We can get things done.  

So we have a couple weeks in September to settle in and get things going especially the stuff that feels like it has been dragging on and on and

then on September 10th - 11th, Mars moves into Aquarius - for the 3rd time! - here's to hoping the "third time is the charm" rather than "three strikes we're out"!

NOTE - we are far from out.

In Aquarius he will once again journey over Black Moon Lilith and the South Node and by the end of September he gets back to 4-5 degrees Aquarius where we had the Lunar Eclipse at the end of July.

Mars in Aquarius doesn't play by the rules. He can be restless and impatient and dangerous. And he will be squaring anything-can-happen Uranus. So there is alot of wildcard energy left.

Lots of loose ends and shifts are still ahead of us this month.

Another thing we have setting up is a long T-Square between Venus (women, love, money, relationships, self-esteem, our values), Mars (our initiative, action, passion, anger, courage) and Uranus (freedom, individuality, change, innovation) beginning around September 2nd and lasting almost all month. Mars is the focus of the T-Square so we will need to be active and brave. There could be relationship/financial challenges (we want freedom - Uranus AND we want the relationship/money - Venus). We don't want to go all hot-headed and do things we will regret later. We don't want to toss the baby out with the bathwater (babies are kind of cute after all). Mercury will be in Virgo to help us think things through.

Venus starts walking the degrees she will walk back over (three times total) beginning on Monday. So a Venus storyline is opening up. Most of her retrograde will be spent in deep, dark Scorpio in October, so October will be a complicated month and whatever we are dealing with begins to take form next week.

It's Virgo season though so not the time to look too far ahead with any of this - it's like we would be walking through the woods looking off into the distance and stepping on the flowers and mushrooms! Where are our feet?! Watch out for the fungi, folks! The fungi are our friends. Mostly.

September is active with lots of challenges and gifts. The time around September 11th, when Mars gets back into Aquarius will be IMPORTANT, the time  when Mars returns to square Uranus around the 18th will be IMPORTANT and the time around September 27th when Mars returns to his eclipse degree of July 27th will be IMPORTANT.

AND that is just Mars! We have alot of other pieces to the cosmic puzzle!

First up, a long weekend for many people in the United States because we have the Labor Day holiday on Monday, so appropriate for Virgo season, don't you think? Uranus in square to Mars has totally taxed our nervous system - let's give ourselves a break.

xo all

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