Mercury Retrograde Conjunct the Sun | we arrive at the heart of Mercury retrograde

my kind of universe by The Autumn Leaves

"the wound is the place where the light enters you" ... Rumi

Today we have Mercury, moving backward and at the midpoint of his/her retrograde journey, meeting up with the Sun at 15-16 degrees Leo.

Information comes in, the light shines on what we need to know/hear/say.

The "news/clarity" will figure into this weekend's Leo eclipse, could relate back to the last time Mercury met the Sun in early June and Mercury will meet the Sun again in a couple months when whatever is watered now will be fully grown/completed. 

It won't be easy to see what is real here though.

There are multiple challenges with slippery Neptune at the moment, so it might be hard to get a grasp on things - hard to know what to do, say, think. Language could be inspired or head us into lala land. Maybe whatever "news/clarity" comes in shakes up a dream/fantasy. Watch for self-sabotage here. We could easily drift off course. Neptunian challenges require us to reach for the highest/most compassionate ground ... and yes, we might have to swim to reach it. Find the solid ground. Then sit tight. Give things time to unwind. Meditate. Get into some water. Give Neptune his due here.

At the same time Venus (love, money, relationships, values and self-esteem) is trining (brakes off) a retrograde Mars and opposing a retrograde Chiron. And the Sun is squaring Juno (relationships/commitments/partnerships) so more tension there.

Old actions, old angers, old passions, old wounds, old inequalities - can be stirred up now. Venus in Libra is beautiful energy but its shadow is the people-pleasing and denial that comes with wanting everything to be balanced, wanting everyone to be happy. It isn't our job to make someone else happy and it isn't their job to please us. Chiron is called the wounded healer because he is wounded, not because he heals wounds. Let's not be so quick to reach for that box of bandaids.

With so many planets retrograde some 'fencing sitting' is likely now. It's not only likely, it's smart.

When planets go retrograde over a situation we either 1. already have everything we need - the solution is next to the problem, but it's hidden among the many moving parts and we can't see it, so the parts slow down. The parts stop moving. Or 2. other things have to fall into place and our actions are taking us further away from what we need. So we are forced to stop and let life catch up with us.

In the meantime pay attention to language now (situations could also involve other Mercurian themes - siblings, local neighborhood, transportation, electronics) because a light is being shined on something we are meant to SEE.

xo all

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