Astrology Forecast for Creatives | transition time, the king gets humbled, looking ahead, preparing for lift-off, creating something real, keeping that kite in the air

... by oprisco

I've been finding it hard to get to these charts and write about them lately ... focus Catherine!

Let's take a look at where we are.

We closed out Leo season last week with the Sun's move into practical and "let's get on a routine" Virgo. The time of the harvest (and I have the garden filled with tomatoes to prove it), in Virgo season we move into mutable energy. Shifts happen. The weather changes. Kids go back to school. We adjust our schedules and daily routines. Health issues catch our attention.

The transition from Leo (ruled by the Sun) to Virgo can be hard or welcomed depending on how ready we are to come in out of the Sun!

With the Sun in Virgo we focus on the details. We clean things up. We get organized. Small steps lead to big changes. Small is BIG now.

The astrology wheel is the hero's journey of self discovery. When the sun moves into Virgo, it is the hero's (our) first encounter with service.

We are learning when to help and when helping isn't really helping. Virgo is the modest healer with the critical eye that takes care of the details. Meaningful work and competence are key now.

Virgo knows we are not here to do the work we love - we are here to love the work we do. There is a difference. This is the difference that changes the world. This is the difference that changes us.

Every sign has something to learn from the sign that follows it.

Leo learns from Virgo (and we all have Leo and Virgo in our charts somewhere - its placement will affect how this activates in your own journey) - to do the work. Virgo teaches Leo to let go of the need for the spotlight and recognition and to just focus on the work.

The king gets humbled ... and we might now, too!

(and speaking of kings - last week the Sun moved through the last degrees of Leo - powerful degrees already and uber activated from last year's "Great American Eclipse" - at precisely the time the press was reporting Cohen's guilty pleas and Manafort's guilty convictions. You might remember this eclipse was right on Trump's ascendant and his guiding star Regulus - the star promising 'success and riches if revenge is avoided' - and was followed immediately by multiple powerful weather "storms" and then the more personal, for Trump, 'Stormy' Daniels payoff allegations which are part of Cohen's guilty pleas)

It is no coincidence that Virgo comes in autumn; the time of the harvest - the time we separate the wheat from the chaff.

The Sun in Virgo needs to do good work. In order to do this, we need to figure out what isn't working. We need to be able to see the flaws and problems.

We have Mercury direct now, although still covering old ground. Things are not wrapped up all nicely with a big pink bow, but we are thinking about the future again. We have one eye in the past and one on "what comes next".

Mars is still retrograde, but turns direct on MONDAY. So this past week our attention turned to the future (and on wrapping things up - where do we find that big pink bow?) and next week our actions get green-lighted.

We act. We get acted upon. Things come unstuck. There is movement. 

And, yes, Mars also will be covering old ground for a while, too - so we are moving forward, dragging one, unfinished, foot behind us.

Then on September 6th Saturn stations direct. We have been on a long, backward journey this summer. Now our thoughts and actions reach their logical conclusion. We have consequences. Maybe we meet a goal. Maybe a responsibility clobbers us in the head. Daddy's home.

This weekend we are building toward Sunday's Full Moon in Pisces with a Sun/Saturn/Uranus Grand Earth Trine - a powerful energy for manifesting something REAL. Then at the Full Moon (ruled by dream-maker Neptune) - and this is very rare - the energies form a high flying Kite aspect. As a kid I was never very good at flying kites. Mine would always quickly crash to the ground. This one feels a little different with that solid Grand Earth Trine behind it. Whatever story we have each been walking back and forth over the last few weeks here is the fresh air - inspiring movement toward HIGHER GROUND complete with a detailed Virgo step-by-step action plan/roadmap. What more do we need?

On FRIDAY we have an active Aquarius Moon. First, opposing Mercury and making us mentally restless maybe or compelled to give voice to the unconscious. Maybe we change our mind. It's like we are leaving post-it notes all over the place, even if we don't have any post-it notes. Then the Moon squares Jupiter - this isn't the best aspect to make a good financial decision. We could make a mountain out of a molehill. We could feel overwhelmed - which might be a good thing or not so good. Maybe something here about protecting, or feeling protective of, our home or family. The Moon will finish her day (12:39AM EDT) with a trine to lovely Venus at home in Libra - good for socializing and finding balance. Then she turns void and will be void all day Saturday. Saturday is not a good day to start something new even with the grounded Grand Earth Trine.

Today (Friday) we also have the Sun (in Virgo) inconjunct - that rock and a hard place - Chiron (in Aries). Something here about something that can't be fixed, can't be put back together, can't be made perfect. If we have done our best with it, that is all we can do. I know it hurts. At the same time devoted Vesta (in Sagittarius) is trining (brakes off) strategic Pallas (in Leo) at 24 degrees. This is where we put our energy as we move toward HIGHER GROUND this weekend. Bring an optimistic, big-picture focus on Leo - creative projects, children, romance, fun - our heart's desire, that thing that pushes us into the center stage of our own life, what we are here to be proud of.

We will talk more about the Grand Earth Trine and the powerful Pisces Full Moon in this weekend's post.

xo all

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