Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of August 27th - the delays come to an end, proceed cautiously and strategically, hair-trigger tempers, communication challenges, intense emotions, big plans and even bigger ideas, life speeds up

Time goes by like a train by Julie-de-Waroquier

Some of the big aspects for the week ahead are:

SUNDAY - Full Moon in Pisces
MONDAY - Mars stations direct in Capricorn!!
TUESDAY - Mercury square Jupiter
WEDNESDAY - Mercury inconjunct Pluto
SATURDAY - Venus opposes Eris
SUNDAY - Mercury leaves retrograde shadow

SUNDAY Morning EDT we have the Full Moon in Pisces I wrote about HERE. The day is colored by its aspects as well as a couple I missed in that post including Venus (strong in Libra) opposing Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn) which could bring relationship power struggles, money issues, an almost suffocating desire for something, maybe outside interference in a relationship - the bottom line for us - know this aspect, in play for a couple days, could bring up intense feelings and strong emotions. 

On MONDAY, the Moon (in Pisces) conjuncts Pisces ruler Neptune at 8:05AM EDT. We might feel more sensitive/compassionate and we are certainly more likely to take on other people's emotions - this would be an excellent morning to meditate.

At 10:05AM EDT Mars stations direct at 28 degrees Capricorn - a space where he is exalted.

Whatever stalled or stopped around August 12th will get moving again.

Maybe ego-driven plans (or some area where we wanted our way) and positions that did not work out quite as we expected have caused us to re-flect and re-vise. Between now and September 18th (the final Mars square Uranus) we should get a wrap-up/resolution. If we are smart and paying attention we have received clues from Mars this summer about how to deal with Uranus in Taurus over the next few years.

Mars won't be covering entirely new ground for a few weeks and it will take him a few days to get back up to speed. The Sun is in Virgo. Mars is in Capricorn. Let's take our cues from that. We'll proceed cautiously and strategically.

EXAMPLE FOR LIBRA/Libra Rising - Mars stations direct in your 4th house of home and family. Progress can now be made with a home renovation, relocation, home business or mother/family situation that may have stalled around mid-month.

Mars is very powerful at station and rules violence and anger so stay safe. No dark alleys. Step back from any potential altercations. Expect to feel rushed. 

The Pisces Moon will be active on Monday - keeping us busy - good for business and good for having the energy to do what we need to do.

On TUESDAY, (in play for a couple days before and after) at 1:31AM EDT, Mercury (in fiery Leo) squares Jupiter (in deep, dark Scorpio).

This is BIG News or information or a conversation. Good or bad the square indicates tension. Jupiter will make everything bigger, but also 'appear bigger' than it actually is. So keep this in mind.

Mercury - our communication, conversations, information, local issues, sibling issues, transportation issues - has multiple challenges this week and remember until next Sunday he/she is walking degrees she has walked before (twice!) so this is a repeat pattern from July 9th and then August 11th.

Some people will feel like they are living Groundhog Day (the movie!).

The square with Jupiter can mean we communicate too much. There might be big, floaty ideas without legs now. The details can be missed or glossed over. Words can be over-the-top now. We can be enthusiastic, but also preachy. Any challenges to Mercury mean we need to take care driving. Sibling issues could also come into play.

Remember this isn't an entirely new situation.

We have been through this before - we should have the tools in our tool belt for this one now. We are ready.

EXAMPLE FOR SCORPIO/Scorpio Rising - Mercury is squaring your sign from Leo, your 10th house of career and public life. There could be an optimistic business idea, professional information or exuberant career news now. Make sure you are reading the situation from a grounded space. Don't over-promise. Don't expect too much. The Sun is in Virgo - stick to the facts. Keep in mind Mercury is walking degrees he walked first on July 9th and then again on August 11th (retrograde) - so what have you learned?

The Moon (at the end of Pisces) sextiles (opportunity) Mars (at the end of Capricorn) at 9:54AM EDT. A good time to exercise - we are feeling strong and satisfied with whatever we have completed. 

We have the courage and ability (Mars/Capricorn) to handle the things we can't see coming (Pisces).

The Moon goes Void for a couple hours until she moves into Aries at 12:35PM EDT.

At 5:37PM EDT the Moon (in Aries) will square Saturn (in Capricorn). This could feel a little (or alot) depressing/pessimistic and isolating so stay centered and know this will pass. Chocolate will help.

The Aries Moon will give us a focus on Aries themes for the next couple days - courage, passion, action, initiative, maybe anger, anything new and ambitious.

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury (in fiery Leo) inconjuncts Pluto (in sober Capricorn).

This is a rock and a hard place aspect between our Leo and Capricorn houses. There could be power plays, obsessive thinking and persuasive, manipulative information/conversations. Avoid pushing your ideas onto other people. Avoid being pushed by other people's words. Secrets can come out now. There probably isn't any middle ground here, so just know that. Agree to disagree. Not really the time for an intimate conversation. Not the time to send the boss a memo (which could be misconstrued) or make an impassioned statement publicly. People could feel manipulated even if you think you are coming in with a higher agenda. Let sleeping dogs lie ... for now.

On THURSDAY, the skies are testy. The Moon in Aries will oppose Venus in Libra at 6:56AM EDT and then move into a square with Mars (in Capricorn). People might be aggressive and unwilling to compromise. Not easy energy for everyone to get along. The Moon goes void at 7:04PM EDT and then moves into Taurus at 9:30PM EDT focusing us on Taurus themes for the next couple days - comfort, security, our money, our values, eating well, taking care of ourselves.

I will write about Friday and the weekend later in the week and get up a big picture post for autumn.

xo all

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