Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jon and Kate (let's stop the hate)

I haven't seen an episode of this show in, well, maybe this entire season, but I would have to be living under a rock (which I am not as far as I can tell) to not know about what is (supposedly) going on with the Gosselins.

In case you ARE living under a rock, or in case you have an actual life that keeps you busy and focused and unaffected by 'celebrity' gossip, the Gosselins are a young married (as of right now, at least) couple with a reality tv show and 8 children under the age of 8; twins and sextuplets. Just writing the words "8 children under the age of 8" makes me feel tired and worried and somehow picturing octomom's lips (which has nothing to do with the Gosselins, but this is just how strangely my mind works).

If you've ever seen the show you have probably seen Kate organizing her little brood in formations and situations that would make the general commander of the U.S. military proud. You have also seen Kate stressed to the max and Jon very (shall we say) not stressed to the max. You have probably also seen Kate go full-blown, throw a net over her somebody already, freakin' crazy ...

Now, I have only raised one child and not 8. I have never had a camera crew documenting my every move (although this is probably the only thing, other than out of town guests, that would get my house clean these days and of course, the bundles of cash they would have to pay me would be nice).

The kids are totally adorable and I think that Jon and Kate are doing the best they can. In the episodes I have seen, they truly love their children (and maybe even like each other) and I can't even imagine the kind of work that goes into making their family run as well as it does.

Since the show has skyrocketed them to reality tv "super stardom" their lives have, I'm sure, totally changed in so many ways (and I am talking about things other than Kate's hair- but, what's with THAT?!- and both Kate and Jon's super suntans - what's with THAT, too?!).

I actually stopped watching (for the most part) this type of show last year when I found myself sitting mindlessly on my couch watching the Little People's children have a pillow fight and thought - I am CHOOSING to watch other people's kids pillow fight - not exactly a mind-blowing thought, but one that did get me to click off the tv and get myself off the couch and onto something else (it might have been surfing the web- hopefully it wasn't).

Does Kate have particularly intense perfectionist tendencies? Yup. Does Jon need to dial back in? Probably. Should Kate stop berating Jon on national television? YES. Is Jon sleeping with his kids' preschool teacher? Have no idea- hope not. Is it easy to be married- NO. Is it easy to raise a family- NO. Have I said enough about this- YES.

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eNVe said...

they are definitely an endearing bunch.. and the kids are just adorable. i also stopped watching as soon as I had my own little one to chase around.. can't imagine 8!

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

funny post. they used to live down the street from me - and they now live back in our county. not everyone was wild about Kate before super stardom, truly, and that's a sad fact. i do believe, like you, they're doing the best they can along the lines of what they believe is right. i have a lot of respect for the fact that they eat what's put in front of them and they're not out of control - she runs a tight ship, and some parents would benefit by adopting *some* of her techniques. but please let the kids get paint and marker on their hands!!

Cindi said...

love the kids- can't stand kate though- she is way too nitpicky for me!

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

I am so thankful that I don't have cable...

fhiona galloway said...

I just wanted to say what a fabulous idea you have in your lockets-I love them!Do you sell them to stores? I could see them being so popular-sell them in the UK!!! :0)
I'm going to investigate your blog more now.

sweetnessjewelry said...

This is my favorite show in the world and I do believe he is cheating on kate. Monday 9:00 pm est time is when they are revaling what really happened and I CANT WAIT! Ill let you know though!