Thursday, July 30, 2009

Over the Hump Day Honey

Here's a few Thursday goodies that will get your creative juices flowing AND XauXau is having a wonderful giveaway on her blog that you just have to enter AND Jess Gonacha is getting married (like right now) - YIPPEE - so there is alot going on this week!

Also I should mention the thermometer registered 112 degrees in the unairconditioned shop where I solder yesterday, so you can sort of imagine the horror of that.

I should also mention that when I told Alise of XauXau that I could only mention her giveaway if it was NOT her body in those amazing crochet bikinis she sells (yes, I am exactly that kind of girl) - she could not understand why I would say this which tells me that 1. She is very, very nice and 2. That is her body in those bikinis (although she denies this) *sigh*

Anika Mari's sewn leaves

Sophy Robson's gradient nails - love this idea (haven't polished in years)

Urban Outfitters Chunky necklaces - think big with your fall designs

Rebecca Taylor's fall line - awesomeness

Peppermint Daydreams AMAZING illustrations and she has a locket

Coveting a new bike bag (which is literally putting the cart before the horse since Sherry Truitt's post on 4 bikes per person in her household has me thinking I need at least one that isn't a rusty heap) - aren't these bags just pure awesomeness? Purpurin Bike Bags, DNTX Bike Bags, Swiss Army Bike Bags by SHMattson and BoneShakerBags.


Kate8085 said...

Ok, so I am that type of girl, too.
hahaha. I am entering right now.
Those leaves are blowing my mind,
and so is the artist on your locket.
Annnnd, those bike bags rule,
and the name Bone Shaker is what
I wish my nickname was.

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

So in love with those bike bags..So so in love :(

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those berry earrings! OMG!

XauXau said...

Meohmyoh - you can have them! Totally for free if you are lucky! Just go to my blog and enter my giveaway till 31st!!

And, Cat, thank you very much for such a honour to be so beautifully featured! I was smiling and laughing while reading your post.. :D

And is it possible to change your opinion about my bikini models? :D I guess no, so I wont even try.. [giggles]

Sherry said...

Oh, no! Now i'm going to need one of those bags on my "riding to the post office bike". Mmmmm which one, which one.

Anonymous said...

What a crack up :) Guess you got your answer! She looks fabulous. The sewn leaves you posted are AWESOME!