Wednesday, April 28, 2010

20 Ways to Make Sure You Are Never Uncomfortable..

I once had a co-worker, who we will just call Cyndy Bennis

(because that was her name)

and she had an obsession with the office temperature

it was too hot

it was too cold

the thermostat was, of course, right next to my desk

one day after my gazillionth temperature adjustment

I said: "no flippin' more!"

(or maybe something a little bit stronger, this office was in Jersey)

and Cyndy said: "I'm sorry. But I just don't like to be uncomfortable."

(she kind of rocked my world that day because although I would never have voiced this out loud - and groaned when she did - I was often making choices that created exactly that kind of life)

Now I'm not about to rally for uncomfortableness

(and yes, you can totally use this word in your next Scrabble game just offer up this post and not an actual dictionary as proof of its wordiness)

because of course, it is kind of our nature to crave the comfortable, the warm and fuzzy, the familiar ... but there is something to be said for pushing past all that; pushing into the uncomfortable - the place where things can go either way

incredibly good or horribly bad

the place where things just don't stand still and something new has to happen.

Today (my older and wiser self) might offer up to Cyndy some advice on keeping life comfortable:

1. Do not get a dog.

2. Watch tv while you eat dinner with your kids so you don't have to deal.

3. Don't go to any kind of live performance because there will be really long lines.

4. Don't try anything you don't already know you will be able to do.

5. Use every type of available drive up window so you never have to leave your car.

6. Leave well enough alone.

7. Leave good enough alone.

8. Buy your clothes in the same store all the time.

9. Get your library books from the same section every time.

10. Never wear anything as cool as these ... again ----->

11. Let things happen to you. Don't make choices.

12. Never get out of your pajamas (wait, maybe scratch that one)

13. Don't watch the movie Precious because it will make you cry.

15. Never exercise.

16. Toss your rake and get a leafblower (thanks Sherry).

17. Do it for the money.

18. Do it for the approval.

19. Seek security above all else.

20. Find a comfortable spot ... and stay there.

I hope Cyndy wouldn't take this advice. I hope she is somewhere right now, all happy and warm and fuzzy and yes, a little bit uncomfortable, too. And I really hope she has a dog ... and some kick-ass shoes.

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Jingle said...

This is a fabulous post! Thank you for sharing it! funny...I was just thinking the office was warmer than usual today....

Jen said...

What a wonderful post! I could not agree more. What terrifies me the most in life (Aside from being eaten by zombies. It could totally happen.) is being comfortable. I get really afraid when I think of being that woman who graduates and falls in love and gets married and has a baby and a cute little house. I'm really glad for people that find happiness in that, but I can't wait to see the rest of the big, uncomfortable world. <3

Carapace said...

Oh BRAVO. Absolutely! There's no point in making yourself miserable, of course...but how do you ever measure "comfort" if you're never challenged?

Bravo, bravo, and encore!

(Aside to Jen: Getting married is not a settling-comfy situation. It's a matter of finding the right zombie-fighting partner to get your back on the adventures!)

Sherry said...

To Cat, I'm going to need Cyndy's phone number.

and to Jen ,the 2nd commenter: I am the woman who graduated, fell in love, adopted a baby and found a cute house.

None of those things preclude you from living an amazing life filled with uncomfortable adventures. I'm proof of that.


Anonymous said...

Oh and a bear as well, perfect.You have no idea how much of a life saver your down to earth and funny writing is.
With love from a very uncomfortable person on a lonely hill! xx

eNVe said...

I always love coming to your blog, Cat! Thanks for keepin' it real, yo! :D

Olivia said...

Very true! Sacrifice and love are not comfortable at all, but they are very rewarding!

lyptis said...

Im confused now!:)

Im just like that too, maybe not that annoying.

But i hate being cold. And hot. I just told my bf to turn off the heater coz it was so hot, now its cold again. No insulation, no regulation(on the heater).

I like to be very comfortable and lots of things bother me.
But sometimes getting uncomfortable can be fun!;)