Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Take 10 Tuesday - some stuff you might have missed while you were out walking the dog or cutting the daffodils or whatever you have been doing

1. Why Worry Keeps You Poor over at The Launch Coach

2. Megan's post on Growing Your Business Beyond Etsy over at CraftMBA

3. The last few days of TeamEcoEtsy's Earth Day Auction for the World Wildlife Fund.

4. Pip Lincolne's post Fusty Beads and Cans of Worms over at Make and Meaning

5. The Top 5 Life Size LEGO Art Projects over at Inhabitots (check out the zoo animals)

6. The essential life skill of Toilet Paper Origami over at How About Orange

7. AWESOME Poster at Baltimore Print Studios

8. Seth's email checklist

9. Maybe DOVE is the only company that should be making commercials - see them HERE

10. The Kick The Door Down Project - Tara's story over at Scoutie Girl


donauluft said...

Great post!......Dove video.... I wonder why they are taking living models at all?

Kendra Zvonik said...

I couldn't get past The Launch Coach. After reading that article, I am completely lost in thought and busy sorting out my feelings re: rejection and how to move past the fear. Thank you for posting that link. I will be visiting that site regularly.
You, Cat, have been showing me how this blogging thing really works, in your way and your style, and I truly admire the work you put into it. I get so much out of it and feel guilty about how little I give in my blog. But, it's fear- STRAIGHT UP!
I am a worrier and my anxiety gets the best of me when it comes to my blog and my paintings. The Launch Coach just kicked my ass and I really needed that.

Anonymous said...

Hello!! Who is the winner of the Soppnerz giveaway????