Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Moon in Aquarius on Monday | the answers will be found outside the box

out of our minds by jayelless

Monday's New Moon will be at 19 degrees Aquarius.

(FYI Aquarius rules friendship - they'll come in handy now -  Facebook is calling today Friendship Day - although I remember doing a giveaway for that once in the summer. I guess I was either way ahead of everyone else or way behind. I do like the idea of it during Aquarius season though so I'll go with Facebook on this one)

The lunar cycle (Capricorn) that is ending Sunday began with a conjunction to Pluto and included a retrograde Mercury's conjunction to Pluto and then direct station there. Pluto is the planet of death, destruction and obsession. This is pretty good energy to break our world into the sort of tiny little pieces that faced the king's men and their horses after the fall of Humpty Dumpty.

(I always wondered how the horses factored into this tale)

We were all tossed into whatever personal narrative this lengthy Pluto in Capricorn transit is stirring up in our lives. Many people are dealing with financial and job security concerns pretty intensely.

Remember we are all working through the Pluto in Capricorn transit - the collapse of corrupt and unsustainable structures. This transit isn't just something we are all dealing with collectively - this is energy we are all dealing with in our personal lives, too.

The collective story affects us individually just as the way we handle our personal stories affects the outcome of the collective story! We really are that powerful.

Yes, what you do affects me and what I do affects you.

(and you should probably thank me for all this God awful gut healing bone broth I've been drinking - ack!)

By the end of this week we'll all have received any Plutonian marching orders and reality checks loud and clear. 

Capricorn seasons are never easy but have been particularly harsh the last few years since Pluto moved in (we are at pretty much the midpoint of a 15-16 year cycle). We will all have to work with this energy at times.

Monday's New Moon squaring Mars in Scorpio (and Mars will be retrograde in Scorpio for many months this year) tells us that although we are entering a new lunar cycle we can't simply side step everything that has happened or throw pink paint over our problems and pretend they don't exist.

Carrying the energy of whatever reality these last few weeks have unearthed / bombed us with - even when it's uncomfortable and maybe especially when it's uncomfortable - helps ensure that our future plans and actions are more grounded and have less chance of falling apart later.

(remember this year's primary energy is the Saturn Neptune square that is testing our dreams - there will be obstacles!)

Aquarius/Scorpio is pretty much exactly the energy needed to push us out of a rut. This is 'outsider' energy where doing things differently might be just the ticket as long as we are prepared for things to veer off in whatever direction this energy takes. We could take things too far with this and get hurt or hurt someone else, so let's not do that, ok?

(remember for most of this year Jupiter is in Virgo - precise, measured steps get us where we need to go - also everyone needs to be prioritizing their health and physical bodies now - inflammation issues will require very clean diets this year - good health coaches will clean up)

This New Moon cycle takes us into eclipse season where anything can happen! I'll post more about this in the weekly on Monday, but for those dealing with this month's muck know that lighter energies are ahead of us.

The dense energies will start to lift as more planets move into Aquarius and she brings her kind of unique electricity and leaps in thinking into the mix.

The answers will be found outside the box.

xo all


lynn bowes said...

That old Pluto has me scared so I'm very careful right now. Careful snow driving, careful with that Bobcat I used all week for pushing snow (grrrr), careful walking on the icy snow, careful everywhere with everything. Of course, there those things out of our control that we just cannot be careful about so I have to depend on other folks to be careful, too. Frankly, I'll feel better when it's green under my feet. That alone will improve a LOT of things!

Measured Virgo steps and knowing that all of this careful-ness will pay off in a carefully-laid foundation. I'm good with that.


Catherine Ivins said...

Once we get out of all this Capricorn (calculation, caution, the bottom line) by the 16th and Mercury gets out of his shadow - I think the 14th - and starts covering NEW ground we'll all feel a bit better. Of course, green ground will be even better! I slipped in the snow the other day exiting hub's truck, slammed backward onto the ground in 2 seconds, no time to even put my hands out and landed on my head. Googled concussion until I was adequately convinced I didn't have one, took 2 aspirin and went to bed.