10 Day WE CAN DO THIS Countdown to 2011 - #1 Be Brave

"I am not afraid ... I was born to do this. " - Joan of Arc

After 9/11 we packed an emergency suitcase in the trunk of every car and had a plan that in the event of a national emergency all family members would drive west and meet up somewhere beyond Hershey, PA.

We had no specific destination, but thought when we reached an area where people were familiar with Skoal tobacco, GEDs and fishing with dynamite we would be safe.

We kind of pictured ourselves becoming the kind of survivalists we knew from the Discovery Channel, Eddie Bauer ads and Stephen King books; creating a new world order in some rarely visited national park - living on dandelions and mole crickets.

After a while some of these fears subsided a bit, but it did leave me with the certainty that being BRAVE is an extremely important attribute.

Fear keeps us from making decisions and creating change and if we wait for the fear to go away, we may always be left waiting.

So in 2011, I resolve to be BRAVE.

(note- this does not include my completely appropriate fear of stink bugs, closed shower curtains and cats that don't blink)

*fearless card by happytimesco


Design Lab 443 said...

I also made an emergency bag after 9/11.

I'll be brave with you!

Cheers in 2011, Tracy

Catherine Ivins said...

You and me Tracy!

TesoriTrovati said...

I think that being fearless implies a bit of recklessness and abandon. But being brave is something smart and prepared and decided. I like this resolution. I will be brave with you!
Enjoy the day!

Viktoria said...

To be fearless and brave ! great resolve for 2011!
Count me in!.... (although it is the year of the rabbit in chinese lunar calendar !)

Sherry said...

I'm with you, Cat. I always knew if there was some kind of National emergency I would have to eat canned meat, and I don't eat meat of any kind.

Seriously, though, I know I'm being brave when my heart starts to beat really fast, then I know I'm on to something!


graygirlstudios said...

you are so funny! you have inspired me to be brave in 2011 as well. Although, I'm with you on the stink bug fear.