10 Day WE CAN DO THIS Countdown to 2011 - # 3 - Release

“Three rules of work: out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” - Albert Einstein

If 2011 will be a year of deciding there will be some things that have to be released to make room for the better things that are coming our way -

releasing resentments and anger and all the things that are cluttering up our cupboards and inboxes, minds and hearts to create the space we need for the amazing things life wants us to have.

I know someone who recently had an amazing opportunity for their craft and although I was truly happy for them I also felt a little of that green-eyed monster called jealousy enter my mind and heart.

What I realized rather quickly though was that I had not created the space in my life and my business for an opportunity like this and so I didn't attract it.

I was already overwhelmed and if I had been given this opportunity would likely have needed to lie down - in a big old wooden box if you know what I mean.

(this is not all law of attractiony, but two things cannot occupy the same space and my spaces were filled, I remember this from science - I think - I am not really a mad scientist, after all, I just play one on the internet)

Just as we can fill our days with a whole lot of nothing — splattering our attention on things that don’t really matter to us - am I the only one who never wants to see the words social media again — we can fill our homes and studios with heaps of junk we don’t really want, too.

It is a lazy way of non-deciding. Being a victim to incoming stuff is more comfortable than clearly asking ourselves what we want to have (or not have) in our environment.

In 2011 I am committed to RELEASE - the things (and thoughts and practices and habits) that I do not love and create the space for change.

release photo by zseike


Sherry said...

First of all you are the most talented mad scientist I know.

I'm with you my friend, I have the same goals as you. While I am working a bit, I am mostly dancing.

It gets rid of the cobwebs in my mind and my house. Besides, I keep sampling the cookies I've been baking.

If you do't make room for change, it has nowhere to nestle. (possible blog post for another time)


mairedodd said...

beautiful... thank you -