10 Day WE CAN DO THIS Countdown to 2011 - # 5 Doing

"nearly everything you do is of no importance, but it is important that you do it” - Mahatma Gandhi

First we set our intention to change the things that are not working for us in 2011; then we take action.

This doing part is where things get a little scary and well, it is the part where I often get stuck.

This is the place where all the doubts come in because if this change thing was easy we would have already done it.

I started on Etsy as a way to make enough money part-time that I could go back to school full-time and find my passion.

My business took off in such a way that the money was there for me to go back to school, but I no longer had the time to do it.

And more importantly, somewhere along the way of figuring out how to find my passion, my passion found me.

I thought finding my passion would be all big and explosive, kind of like the love at first sight myth, when in fact, at least for me, it eased its way into my life sort of quietly until I realized I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

This thing called passion was creating new levels of depth in my relationship with myself and the people and things around me

(unfortunately it was also creating a great sense of imbalance and feelings of overwhelm and underwhelm that now require setting new intentions and taking new actions to get things back on track)

So in 2011, I resolve to do the doing that needs to be done to get this passionate life that I have created and know I should be loving back into balance.

*strategic plans print by miriam dema

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