Whining Wednesday - please don't interrupt me when I'm talking to myself

Just a quick little Wednesday whine because I know everyone is busy and I, as usual, am a bit backed up and running behind.

Whine #1 - I may have totally lost my mind

Case in point - I had been enjoying some gorgeous late autumn weather a few days back

(you know, from indoors)

and thinking about taking the Halloween decorations down and putting the Christmas decorations up when hubby got all annoying about something or other and I decided to take myself for a little drive to the mall ... alone.

I wandered into the movie theater

(I have been posting quite alot lately about mall wanderings and I am really not a mall girl and not really much of a wanderer anymore unless you count my late night trips to the fridge)

and there was a Russell Crowe movie playing and since hubby really likes Russell Crowe I decided to stay and see this movie ... alone ...

(so when he would tell me at some point that he wanted to see it I would get to say -"too late bud, already saw that one, remember that day when you were being impossibly annoying and I went on a "wander" ... yup, that day bud, saw it ...")

anyhoo, I put on my big girl pants and resisted the snack bar and took my seat. There were maybe 20 other people in the theater. At some point during the movie

(that I should repeat once again I was seated at alone)

I suddenly yelled out


at the movie screen.


Of course, 20 pairs of eyes were upon me before I had time to duck down in my seat and of course, I waited until the very last one of them left the theater at the end before I made my exit.

Now, when I told my daughter this story, she laughed very hard and most likely reported her mother's final slip into dementia to all her friends.

When I told hubby this story he said -

"you know you're going to have to see that movie again"

me - "did you hear me? I talked to the movie screen, I yelled out GOOD SHOT!"

hubby - "well, was it?"

Which of course, is why I love him.

(still think the days with my boat actually anchored to the dock may be numbered)

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Brenda said...

I haven't been to the movie theater for so long that I'm sure I'd do the same thing. Hanging head in shame in advance, Brenda :P

Marianne said...

HAHHAHAHAHA That is AWESOME. YOU are awesome, Catherine! Thanks for sharing - this made my day, and now I'm comforted by the assurance that I'm not the only person that spontaneously talks (or yells) at movie screens ;) Hehe hope you are too!

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Oh my goodness...that was funny. Thank you for giving me a laugh...a laugh alone. It is ME time right now... I understand! :)