Upcycled Tutorial - Week # 4 - Holiday Gift Countdown - Potholder First Aid Kit

I saw this tutorial in a book a couple years back and thought it was quite a clever and quick upcycle for those potholders that you get as gifts that do not really work for you -

(and by work for you I mean they are too ugly for your kitchen, but not too ugly for someone to stuff in their glovebox)

I seem to get alot of these.

(maybe because I know alot of people who do their shopping at Walgreens on Christmas Eve ... hello, yes, I've been there, too)

So anyhoo turning a potholder, some plastic sandwich bags and a cute button into a little travel first aid kit or some other little kit is easy, peasy -

just remember if you intend to turn a potholder and little baggies into an actual pot-holder (if you know what I mean) that this would be illegal (although quite clever) and not recommended, but just about any other little doodad holder would probably work -

(and not get you a 6 month suspended sentence and 30 days community service - not that this has ever happened to me)

Now I know you are all very clever and do not really need a step by step with this one, but I couldn't really call it a tutorial without a step by step so bear with me.

1. Sew your little baggies (the sealed end) into the center of your potholder
2. Add bandaids, wipes, etc
3. Sew on an appropriate size button
4. Add or sew on some kind of first aid symbol or add a hangtag

(and now that I think of it you could probably get everything you need for this project at 5:45 on Christmas Eve at Walgreens if you had to)

If you are going to make this project and would like a couple of these little first aid pins to add to your little pouch - just email me through the LET'S CHAT link on the right and I will pop a couple in the mail for you, for free, that's just how I am, plus it's the season of giving and all that jazz .... and I made too many.


Little Pocket Universe said...

Awesome idea!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, funny and informative as usual! I now have a strange mental picture of crafty(!) dealer types loitering about on corners with "potholders" made from oven gloves.Not that I know anything about these things. x

Ms. Smarty Pants said...

This is genius! I am so glad I tripped across this.

I'm sure all your cute first aid buttons are gone since this blog post is over 2 years old, but do you remember where you picked them up? I'd love to make a couple of these and the buttons are such a finishing touch!

Catherine Ivins said...

Debra- send me your address and I'll send you a couple!

- Cat :)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to have our Brownie troop make these next Wednesday. Where would I find the pins as I need 13? Very cute!

Catherine Ivins said...

Michelle- email me, it would depend where you live if you would get them in time.


Unknown said...

I have a spark and brownie unit we are making before camp in October. Can you send me 25 please.