Part II - Polarizing our Intentions or How Daisy Does It (not the 80's bachelor party flick)

So back to Polarity today and how this connects with manifesting our dreams.

Our strong emotions for our intention are actually the result of energy, not the cause of it.

The source of this energy is actually the universe itself. The energy is already there. We just need to connect some of it with our intention.

The polarity of the energy flow is simply its direction. The in-flowing energy has one polarity, and the out-flowing energy has the opposite polarity.

So the two basic ways energy can flow through us are:

1. Us -> Universe (we direct energy from our consciousness out to the universe)
2. Universe -> Us (we draw energy from the universe into our consciousness)

OK, now back to Cousin Daisy Mae

(I've had alot of strong tea this morning, I'm sorry)

because the very thing about her that drives some people crazy (ie, me) her total focus on herself - allows her to connect with this energy easier than most of us because most people direct our energy in both ways and the polarities kind of cancel each other out.

Most of us get muddled up in the middle of things - we set our intention to write the book so we can inspire other people through our story and so we can make alot of money - these two intentions (one flowing inward and one flowing outward) create a kind of energy deadlock - picture two fists pushing against each other.

Cousin Daisy Mae (with a pure inward focus) might say that she wanted to share her story with the world and she may even say that this grew out of a need to create something, but the true intentions that would get her into that energy flow would be to 1. share her story with the world to impress people (inward focus) and 2. make alot of money (inward focus)

and with a pure inward polarity for her intention (along with a strong emotion to align with a strong energy) and her self discipline she will manifest, I promise you, a book deal and advance faster than I can finish my tea and first sudoko.

Now, the same can absolutely happen with a pure outward focus for our intention where we focus solely on sharing our story and creating something amazing -

maybe this is a harder polarity because there could be a little voice in the back of our heads that is also sending out the thought - now, I need to get enough money for this because this is going to take alot of time or I need to get credit for this.

And maybe those thoughts that we push down and do not really want to look at cancels out the energy that the thought of creating the book has connected with.

Now, I am not saying we can't be thinking both these things - I want to give and I want to get (because this is exactly what almost all of us would be thinking) and I am not saying that thinking both things cannot work for us - because of course we can totally make this happen - but maybe it doesn't work so well with the more effortless flow of energy that is the law of attraction; not as part of the same intention anyway.

The best and most successful things I have ever created have been with a pure outward focus and such a strong sense of excitement and adventure about the whole thing that the lack of knowingness about the outcome just didn't factor into my thinking and I think the younger you are the easier this may be to do - because there is a kind of youthfulness and daring to this that comes easier to us when we are young and have less responsibilities and gets more complicated as life gets a little bigger and more demanding ... but is even more crucial to us then.

Part III - Wednesday - Polarizing Our Intentions - what to do when we aren't a narcissist, but we aren't Mother Teresa either

* ask, believe, receive print by colorbee
* giving you my heart photograph by Yann Pendaries


Brenda said...

I think I have to read this at least five more times before intelligently commenting - you have so much good stuff in here!

Catherine Ivins said...

you're funny Brenda- it may make less sense the more you read it!