Polarity and Making Things Happen - the wrap up - Part IV

You may have noticed that when you hold an intention with strong emotions, it will often happen -

partly because your passion will motivate you to take the actions you need to take, but sometimes it may also feel like things just fall into place, like life is opening a door just for you.

In those situations you were in the flow of polarized energy, focusing on either the outward flow of creative expression (giving) or the inward flow of acquisition (getting or maybe think of it as receiving, that sounds better).

Instead of mixing the two polarities together, you mostly focused on one flow or the other. It was either “I want to give” or “I want to get.”

You may be thinking, but I want both and that could be true, but maybe try a strong focus with your intention on just one and see what happens.

Our intention and attention are very powerful.

If you want to make things and make a living making those things - a strong outward focus would be "I want to create something amazing that will inspire people" which with polarity will create a laser beam focus on amazing and with passion and self discipline you will create amazing and life will support your amazing and the money will follow (as long as you are open to the many ways that it may come to you) to support your being able to give to others your amazing.

A strong inward focus could be "I want to make money with my makings" which with polarity (and passion and self discipline) will create a laser beam focus on money and the work that will follow will be edited and re-edited in order to make the most money with it until it is very likely amazing, too.

The "getting" focus of - I want to make money - though may take you to places and have you doing things that do not always sit well with you as a maker if you are not inclined toward this way of being in the world in the first place (and you will know if you are just by what feels right to you).

(many makers, being innately creative and creativity having an innately outward focus feel more comfortable focusing on the giving with this and how wonderful would the world be if we were all focused on giving!)

This is kind of simplifying things, but it really is kind of simple at its core.

Sometimes only the creator of the intention can know if it is an inward or outward polarity - you can create a business for the pure joy of making something amazing - you can create a business so people will think you are amazing - the outward polarity may be the only one that really leads to happiness, but that is another post.

Of course you still need that intention to inspire your passion (you need it to be something that gets you excited and fired up) and you need the self discipline to take the action to go through those doors as they open.

(and sometimes they will just crack open a little peak and you get to decide if you stick your big toe in or force that door open with your shoulder - I vote shoulder, but I'm from Jersey, remember)

With polarity you really can't lose -

especially if you're wearing the locket (wink).

* I can see for miles print by Bucks County Frames


vadjutka said...

thanks for this post, just what I needed!

I saved it into my inspiration folder :-)

holly aka golly said...

Cat, your posts are always so helpful and inspiring and you make me laugh too!

Catherine Ivins said...

thank you guys- I didn't explain this very well, but there really is something to it (other than a locket)


Cait Throop said...

Live what you love, YES!! And make money, too. Great post! xo

Unni Strand said...

I needed this too!

Anonymous said...

I am giggling at this post, because while I've enjoyed this set, I'm sitting here thinking I *want* a dishwasher, and I need to *sell things* to get it... I guess that is the getting part that's hard about being an artist... it's not always JUST about being creative, sometimes it's about doing what you need to do, to accomplish those goals.

Lovely topic! :)

Catherine Ivins said...

after washing everything after it came out of my dishwasher ... again - I am feeling your dishwashing pain!