Why Passion Without Self Discipline Might Never Make Us Rich (or even pay our cable bill which is actually the same thing, now that I look at my cable bill) - Part I

Self discipline is our ability to take action regardless of whether or not we feel like taking action.

(imagine the amazingness we could create if we could just get ourselves to follow through on our best intentions no matter what)

I have a relative (we'll just call her Cousin Daisy) who manifests just about everything she sets out to manifest. When she tells us she is going to do something (and these somethings are often very unusual somethings) - we listen. She doesn't have alot of money and doesn't seem to focus on manifesting that.

But the thing she wants (and want is the wrong word here); the thing that most of us would assume you need money to have - well, she doesn't assume - she just skips the step of wanting (wrong word again) the money and goes directly to manifesting the thing.

Now, there are a couple things that I think she has working for her here and one of them is 'Polarity'. Yes, that's right polarity and I have a post or two next week about that.

(before polarity was a totally amazing locket it was playing a huge part in how the law of attraction really works - the secret within the secret so to speak)

The other thing she has going for her is self-discipline.

Cousin Daisy never does things half-assed. When she made the decision to eat a macrobiotic diet (this is just the first thing that popped into my head- it is not a manifesting thing, but it is a self discipline thing) - she just did it; cleared out her fridge and cabinets, bought 2 cookbooks, made a trip to the grocers and then proceeded to follow through for the next, oh, I don't know, 10 years.

She didn't think about how this was going to effect her lifestyle or say - let me try a meatless Monday or let me try this for a month - she just did it.

And it was easy for her because she already had this self-discipline thing down. Some people are just born this way I think and my family is filled with industrious folks who 'get the job done'.

I like to think I am self disciplined but sometimes have to admit I may be more disciplined by external things - other-self disciplined you might call it. I will get the job done for my customers - the making and the shipping of orders - no matter what it takes. In the weeks before Christmas I was getting up at 3am to get my orders made and out, but ....

the stuff that I am not held so accountable for by external circumstances, mostly personal stuff like laundry and cleaning and exercising, but even the business things like bookkeeping and marketing ... well ... sometimes they get done when they get done.

I can guarantee you that Daisy would not have a sinkful of dishes or a filthy car (yes, I will use the "f" word for this) or a half-assed bookeeping system - if she didn't have time for this stuff, she would either find the time or find someone else to do it and she would manifest that person without even thinking about how she was going to pay them and it would all work out perfectly. I am totally serious about this - I have seen her do it ... many times.

For free-spirited makers self discipline can feel a little too much like being told what to do, even when we are the ones doing the telling. It just feels rigid and planned and not very passion inspiring.

this is a test, this is only a test ...

(and yes, grades will be tallied, report cards mailed to parents and there will be no make-ups or incompletes given due to lack of self discipline)

I found this little self discipline quiz last year which I promptly failed.

•Do you get up at the same time every day?
•Do you have any addictions (caffeine, nicotine, sugar) you’d like to break but haven’t?
•Is your email inbox empty - are old emails you are saving in folders?
•Is your studio and home neat and organized?
•How much time do you spend watching tv or trolling the web every day?
•Could you fast for one day?
•How much sleep do you get each night?
•How often do you exercise?
•Do you usually eat foods based on their healthfulness or their taste?
•If you make a promise to someone, what’s the % chance you’ll keep it?
•If you make a promise to yourself, what’s the % chance you’ll keep it?
•When was the last time you consciously adopted a positive new habit or quit a bad habit?
•What’s the greatest physical challenge you’ve ever faced, and how long ago was it?

You get the idea. Self discipline is a powerful tool. It can wipe out addictions, procrastination, chaos and unhealthiness - it's all about Willpower (concentration of force), Facing Challenges (doing the thing we don't want to do but know we should), Industriousness (putting in the time) and Tenacity (sticking with it).

(so WCIT, it's all about WCIT - yeah, WCIT)

Back on Friday with Part II - MAKING THIS HAPPEN aka OK, so I see I need to be more self disciplined and less other-self disciplined, so how can I make this happen if I don't have the Cousin Daisy gene (which I don't because she is a married-into-the-family Cousin Daisy).

(wait, I think I will call her Daisy Mae, I like that better ... plus she will hate it and the more I think about how effortless she makes things look, I really want to annoy her a little)

* test screen necklace by bRainbowshop


KJs Beadacious Beads said...

I am 80% there on self-discipline. I tested myself many many years ago and passed my own test. Now to take care of that last little bit. In other words, it doesn't matter how much self discipline you have you can always spot the areas in your life that need work.

Catherine Ivins said...

there's definitely a balance with it KJ and none of us are perfect- except maybe Cousin Daisy dammit!

Patty said...

I have been good on self discipline for some things but not so good on many others. This is a very inspiring post, and how wonderful that you have someone who inspires you in real life like that. Lots to think about.